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Updated June 23, 2017

Founder/Pubisher/Editor/Assistant Editor/Web Editors
Bruce Markowitz, Founder
Joel Markowitz, Publisher and Editor, Reviewer, and Columnist
Nicole Hertvik, Assistant Editor and Reviewer
Robert Michael Oliver, Assistant Editor, Reviewer, and Columnist
Alex Murphy, Web Editor
Brett Widmann, Web Editor

Eddie Applefeld, Senior Reviewer
John Harding, Senior Reviewer
Mary P. Johnson, Senior Reviewer 
Carolyn Kelemen, Senior Dance Reviewer
Erin Teachman , Senior Podcaster and Reviewer
Wendy Winters, Senior Reviewer
Danielle Angeline, Reviewer
Susan Brall, Reviewer
Ilene Chalmers, Reviewer
Ben Fisler, Reviewer
Winters Geimer, Reviewer
David Gerson, Reviewer
Charles Green, Reviewer
Lauren Honeycutt, Reviewer
Gina Jun, Reviewer
Teresa McCormick Ertel, Reviewer
Patricia Mitchell, Reviewer
Allie Press, Reviewer
Peter Wilkes and Catherine Dickey Wilson, Reviewers
Morgan Woodle, Reviewer

New York
Richard Seff, Senior Reviewer/Columnist (‘New York Theater News’)
Deb Miller, Senior Reviewer/Columnist/NYC Reviewer
Lori Speiser, Reviewer (Long Island Area)
Kristen Weyer, Reviewer (Long Island Area)

Weekly Column on DCMTA
Peter Filichia: Filichia on Friday‘ on Kritzerland

Tim Dunleavy, Editor/Senior Reviewer/Columnist (‘Philadelphia Theater News’)
Walter Bilderback, Senior Reviewer
Steve Cohen, Senior Reviewer
Henrik Eger, Senior Interviewer
Deb Miller, Senior Reviewer/Columnist/NYC Reviewer
Neal Newman, Senior Reviewer
Lisa Panzer, Senior Reviewer
Neal Zoren, Senior Reviewer
Rachel Beecher, Reviewer
Marley Boone, Reviewer
Peter Danelski, Reviewer
Benjamin Dennis, Reviewer
Megan Diehl, Reviewer

Ellen Wilson Dilks, Reviewer
Matt Flocco, Reviewer
Shoshanna Green, Reviewer
Celeste Mann, Reviewer
Madeline Marshall, Reviewer
Joshua Millhouse, Reviewer
Tori Mittelman, Reviewer
Amy A. Winnemore, Reviewer

Philadelphia Fringe Festival Reviewers
Michael Kelly, Reviewer
Jameson Lisak, Reviewer
Joshua McLucas, Reviewer

Washington, DC/Maryland/Virginia
Andra Serlin Abramson, Senior Reviewer
Glenn Cook, Columnist (‘Stage Dad’)
Julia L. Exline, Senior Children’s Theatre Reviewer
Jane Franklin, Senior Dance Reviewer
David Friscic, Senior Cabaret/Musical Reviewer
Sophia Howes, Senior Reviewer and Columnist (‘Dangereuse’) 
Debbie Minter Jackson, Guest Interviewer
Joel Markowitz, Publisher/Editor/Reviewer/Columnist (‘Joel Says’)
Robert Michael Oliver, Senior Reviewer and Columnist (‘Spine’)
Kyle Osborne, Senior Film Video Reviewer
Michael Poandl, Senior Reviewer
David Rohde, Senior Classical Music Reviewer
Ellouise Schoettler, Columnist (‘Storytellers’)
David Siegel, Senior Reviewer and Columnist (‘In the Moment’)
Judy Stadt, Columnist (‘Judyisms’)
John Stoltenberg, Senior Reviewer and Columnist (‘Magic Time!’)

John Stoltenberg and Michael Poandl, Senior Reviewers and Columnists (‘Magic Time!’)
Lisa Traiger, Senior Dance Reviewer
Jessica VaughanSenior Opera and Cabaret Reviewer
Leslie Weisman, Senior Opera and Film Reviewer
Andrew Walker WhiteSenior Reviewer and Columnist “On Beyond Athens”
Jordan Wright, Columnist (‘Nibbles and Sips Around Town’)


*In Memoriam: Sydney-Chanele Dawkins, Senior Reviewer and Columnist (‘Cinema Speak with Sydney-Chanele’ and ‘The Playwright’s Playground’).

Caitlin Adolph, Reviewer
Laura Andruski, Reviewer
Andrew L. Baughman, Reviewer
Mara Bayewitz, Reviewer
Vanessa Berben, Reviewer
Ben Beriss, Reviewer
Paul M. Bessel and Barbara Braswell, Reviewers
Mike Bevel, Reviewer
Cynthia Bledsoe, Reviewer
Ravelle and Eva Brickman, Reviewers
Ravelle Brickman, Reviewer
Jacqueline Brown, Reviewer
Terry Byrne, Reviewer
Mia Cortez, Reviewer
Gina Dalfonzo, Reviewer
Mari Davis, Reviewer
Alyssa Denton, Reviewer
Eric Denver, Reviewer
Emily Dillard, Reviewer
Alex Doll, Reviewer
Anne Donnelly, Reviewer
Karim Doumar, Reviewer
Tiffany Draut, Reviewer
Madeline Duff, Reviewer
Yasmeen Enahora, Reviewer
Eliza Anna Falk, Reviewer
Bev Fleisher, Reviewer
Yvonne French, Reviewer
Emily Gilson, Reviewer
Jennifer Georgia, Reviewer
Dara Gold, Reviewer
Michelle Goldchain, Reviewer
Chris Griffin, Reviewer
Marlene Hall, Reviewer
Sam Hall, Reviewer
Ramona Harper, Reviewer
Sierra Hoffman, Reviewer
Julia Hurley, Reviewer
Jamie Joeyen-Waldorf, Reviewer
Brennan Jones, Reviewer 
Jenna Jones, Reviewer 
Julie Jordan, Reviewer 
Gina Jun, Reviewer 
Samantha Kashinsky, Reviewer 
Lauren Katz, Reviewer
Greg Kenney, Reviewer
Laras Kettner, Reviewer
Amy Kotkin, Reviewer
Chuck Leonard, Reviewer
Johnna Leary, Reviewer
Howard Lee Levine, Reviewer
Douglas Lloyd, Reviewer

Kelsey Loesch, Reviewer
Carole Long, Reviewer
Jacqueline Wilson Lucas, Reviewer
Mark Ludder, Reviewer
Samantha Macher, Reviewer
Traci MadlockReviewer
Terri Magers, Reviewer
Patrick (PJ) McMahon, Reviewer
Gary McMillan, Reviewer
Don Michael Mendoza, Reviewer
Charles Miller, Reviewer
Kim Moeller, Reviewer
Derek Mong, Reviewer
Robert Montenegro, Reviewer

Ana Morgenstern, Reviewer
Kendall Mostafavi, Reviewer
Noah Mutterperl, Reviewer
Doug Poms, Reviewer
Jack Posey, Reviewer
William Powell, Reviewer
Jeanette Quick, Reviewer
Rene Rabben, Reviewer
Juan Carlos Rodriguez, Reviewer 
Zachary Rosen, Reviewer
Teal Ruland, Reviewer
Annetta Dexter Sawyer, Reviewer
Ashton Schaffer, Reviewer
Diane Jackson Schnoor, Reviewer
Francine Schwartz, Reviewer
Lauren and Scott Selman, Reviewers
Caroline Simpson, Reviewer
Em Skow, Reviewer
Kevin Michael Smith, Reviewer
Sarah Teach, Reviewer
Audrey Thornton, Reviewer

Quynh Tran, Reviewer
Anne Tsang, Reviewer
Anne Vandercook, Reviewer
Jonelle Walker, Reviewer
Kay-Megan Washington, Reviewer
Andrew J. Weber, Reviewer
Katie Weeks, Reviewer
Rick Weldon, Reviewer
Rick Westerkamp, Reviewer
Peter Winnard, Reviewer
Kristopher Zgorski, Reviewer

Other Writers Whose Work Appears on DCMetroTheaterArts
Nathan Alston
Matt Baughman
Bari Biern
Cate Brewer
Diane Carroad
Simon Chin
Delaney Claussen
Timoth David Copney
Jane Coyne
Nicole Cusick
Henry Cyr
Jessica Dall
Mariya Danilenko
Mark Dewey
Lisa Driscoll
Cyle Durkee
Bethel Elias
Christina Marie Frank
Tobias Franzen
Maddie Gaw
T.J. Gouterman
Keith Greene
Peter Grimm
Amanda Gunther
Ron Heneghan
Tyler Herman
David Hoffman
Ally Jenkins
Max Johnson 
Tzvi Kahn
Alexa Kelly
Grace Kim
Maria Kuhns
Erica Laxson
Malcolm Lee
Veronique MacRae
ZSun-nee Matema
Natalie McCabe
Dr. Layla McCay
Phil McDermott
Evan Milberg
Jenna Miller
Sam Miller
Connie Morris
Quill Nebeker
Ashunda Norris
Margaret O’Meara
Emma Paquette
Julia Peiperl
Jennifer Perry
Graham Pilato
Joyce Pollard
Melissa Rodier
Kari and RJ Rothstein
Kevin Roland
Solomon Stone Romney
JR Russ
Thierry J. Sagnier
Flora Scott
Julia Scherer-Hoock
Justin Schneider
Miranda Schnoor
Breena Siegel
Mike Spain
Colleen Sproull
Michael Sprouse
Jenny Sutton

Vanessa Terzaghi
Keith Tittermary
Miriam Urquhart 
Laurie Wessely
Queen Charlotte “Lottie” Yard

Ricky Young

Web Consultant
Ronnie Ruff

Contributing Videographers
Kyle Osborne, Film Reviewer and Videographer.
Todd Clark, Contributing Videographer of TheDCPlace.

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