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Welcome to DCMetroTheaterArts!!




We are very excited to welcome you to our new site DCMetroTheaterArts, better known as ‘DCMTA.’ A few months ago my brother Bruce, our Web Editor Alex Murphy and I talked about covering more arts in the DC Metro area – which includes our friends in the Baltimore/Annapolis area and in Virginia. We will be covering Strathmore, The Kennedy Center, Clarice Smith Performing Arts Center, George Mason University’s Center for the Arts and Hylton Performing Arts Center, WPAS, The Washington Ballet, and Birchmere, and we would also love to cover your concerts and events.

We will also be writing reviews, interviews, and articles about professional, community, university, school, and children’s theatre in the DC Metro area. We are reaching out to every theatre in the area to come and join us and let’s work together to cover your shows. And let’s do some interviews and videos to get the word out about your season. You are also invited to contribute articles about your shows.

I also want to invite all the arts groups and organizations to contribute to DCMetroTheaterArts.com. Let’s also work together to showcase your work on the site. And to those of you who contribute so much to our community by your charitable work, we’ll help you spread the word about your efforts.

Teresa McCormick Ertel, Jordan Wright, Glenn Cook, Natalie McCabe, Judy Stadt, Cyle Durkee, Kevin Roland, and I are writing columns for DCMTA. If you click on ‘columns,’ you can read a short introduction about what you’ll be seeing in our upcoming columns.

We are reaching out to all the theatre websites and organizations to work together. If you’d like, we can share your work with our readers and link to your sites, and please consider doing some joint articles and projects. We honor all your hard work in covering this rich arts community.

Most important, we want to know what you – our readers – would like us to cover. Feel free to leave a ‘respectful’ comment or two!

We are looking for writers to help us cover the arts – and most important – we want to know what you – our readers – would like us to cover. You can reach us here:


We invite you to become regular readers of our site and to help us cover this amazing theater and arts scene in DC, MD, and VA.

Bruce Markowitz, Founder
Joel Markowitz, Publisher and Editor
Alex Murphy, Web Editor
Ronnie Ruff, Technical Consultant
And the writers of DCMetroTheaterArts

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