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Review: ‘Independence Eve’ at UrbanArias

The two men stand at opposite ends of an urban park, on a day that is a mere heartbeat away from the landmark midpoint in the calendar year. Summer and it is an evening to capture the heat that won’t last forever or take pleasure in the cool dappled shade of a leafy tree. It’s […]

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Review: ‘Master Class’ at MetroStage

Welcome to the rehearsal hall. You are a student at a prestigious school for the performing arts. You have mastered your technique, but you are young. You have not thought through the circumstances, emotions, or reasons, let alone history, behind the intent of the composer. What better way to strengthen your artistic profile than to […]

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Review: ‘The Importance of Being Earnest’ at the City of Fairfax Theatre Company

There’s the daily ordeal of truth, imaginary facts, and shifting identities. There is wealth and privilege and assumptions based on hearsay, without understanding. Within all of this lies the day-to-day news cycle of now. Then there is a play first performed in 1895. Oscar Wilde’s The Importance of Being Earnest satirizes the upper-class societal conventions […]

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Review: ‘The Gin Game’ at MetroStage

You observe a cozy setting, a two story structure slightly suggestive of institutional. There’s a gliding rocker and curtained windows that filter warm amber light, potted plants, scattered chairs, a walker, a cluttered shelf of reading materials and dappled light that hints at spring. Most of all, there is a card table that takes center […]

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Review: ‘I Wanna Fucking Tear You Apart’ at The Studio Theatre

They are longtime friends who share an apartment, a hearty back-and-forth, and a splendid repartee of tease, criticism, support and jealousy, and multiple emotions that swirl as individuals marginalized, different, and not-accepted. Written and directed by Morgan Gould, I Wanna Fucking Tear You Apart confronts issues of acceptance, character, relationship, and place. The story is […]

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Review: ‘Goyescas’ at The In Series

Tiered steps and four small café tables re-imagine the Spanish courtyard. With friendly interaction and wine, music and dancing, a cast of nine singers and two dancers introduce the evening with folk songs. Seven panels of various sizes both horizontal and vertical cut into the space. The romantic images of Francisco Goya, a Spanish artist […]

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Review #2: ‘Copenhagen’ at Perisphere Theater

Three intersecting rings stand out in a circle of white, blindingly clear. The intersection reminds of other triumvirates, three powerful individuals, in an arrangement both formal and informal, equal on paper though rarely the case. The design reminds of a trefoil knot, fundamental to the study of mathematical knot theory or the multiple overlapping closed […]

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Review: ‘Moby Dick’: A Co-Production with the Alliance Theatre and Southcoast Repertory at Arena Stage

A complex rigging of interlocking cables, ropes and steel clamps is harnessed by a skeletal steel structure. The structure is at once minimal and abstract, intricate and unambiguous, to suggest the belly of the beast. Lookingglass Theatre Company’s Moby Dick, adapted and directed by David Catlin, gloriously inhabits the changing landscapes of Herman Melville’s novel […]

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Jane Franklin Dance Opens ‘The Migration Project: live performance art installation’ on Friday, November 4th

The Migration Project: live performance art installation: An immersive visual experience and stories of relocation explore the push and pull of human flight The Migration Project (Push/Pull) Featuring: Jane Franklin Dance: Emily Crews, Carrie Monger, Matthew Rock, Amy Scaringe, Brynna Shank, and Rebecca Weiss. Visual art: Rosemary Feit Covey, Torpedo Factory Art Center. Visual art: Dawn Whitmore, […]

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Review: Fringe POP (Performance over Projection) Private Track at the Logan Fringe Arts Space by Jane Franklin

The Logan Fringe Arts Space, now offering year-round programming, has launched a new annual series. Julianne Brienza, CEO/Founder of Capital Fringe, has a vision for experiment and the courage to make the process, no matter how rough, a learning tool for future editions. Fringe POP (Performance over Projection) in its inaugural season juxtaposes 10 minute […]

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Review: ‘The Migration: Reflections on Jacob Lawrence’ Co-Presented by Washington Performing Arts and StepAfrika! in Cooperation with the Phillips Collections

There’s a pulse, a simple rhythm. It is both complex syncopation that rushes on, and an inviting and relaxed embrace of the moment. The percussive energy of StepAfrika!, a professional company dedicated to the tradition of stepping, founded by C. Brian Williams, makes the heart beats faster and sharpens the focus. The Migration: Reflection on […]

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Review: ‘You Have Made A Story on My Skin’ at Mead Theatre Lab at Flashpoint

You Have Made a Story on My Skin, created by the Production Team and led by writer/performer Rachel Hynes, uses personal stories to explore lingering memories and physical scars. This collaborative effort succeeds in connecting poetry, words, movement, set and sound design, direction, and lighting. The performance is part art installation, part interactive story-telling, and pure […]

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Review: ‘Dinner With Friends’ at Peter’s Alley Theatre Productions

Peter’s Alley Theatre Productions opens its fifth season with Dinner With Friends, a 2000 Pulitzer Prize-winning drama by Donald Margulies, directed by Kristofer Kauff. An intricate drama about the long-time friendship between two couples, Dinner With Friends examines aspects of ownership and control, betrayal, expectations, and change. The four actors skillfully capture the nuances of […]

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