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‘Pasties & Popcorn’ at DC Shorts by John Harding

The VisArts Center in Rockville is a rather respectable venue for a program titled Pasties & Popcorn. But there you are, amid a nearly full house in the upstairs convention room on Friday, June 28, for the first of two nights of short risque films and live burlesque acts designed to massage and titillate the fraying […]

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Film Review: ‘Plimpton’ by John Harding

George Plimpton was called a pioneer of “new journalism” by no less a literary master of the art than Tom Wolfe. Throughout the second half of the 20th century, Plimpton traveled in celebrated circles like someone’s tag-along kid brother, taking notes, gamely joining in, and leaving behind a delightful paper trail on his encounters with […]

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Film Review: ‘This Is the End’ by John Harding

The amazing Seth Rogen proved he could hold his own against the force of nature known as Barbra Streisand in The Guilt Trip. But is he ready to meet the Apocalypse? The answer is contained in This Is the End, a drugged-out disaster-comedy about the biblical End of Days. As portrayed by Rogen and many […]

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Film Review: ‘The Great Gatsby’ by John Harding

It’s touch-and-go at times for the latest big-screen adaptation of The Great Gatsby. But in a hotly contested three-way wrestling match between Baz Luhrman, 3D technology, and novelist F. Scott Fitzgerald, it’s Fitzgerald that gets the project in a head-lock and pins this tale of Jazz Age angst firmly on the summer’s must-see movie list. […]

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Ben Affleck and Olga Kurylenko find happiness for a time in their new romance in  Terrence Malick's 'To the Wonder. 'Photo courtesy of Magnolia Pictures.

Film Review: ‘To the Wonder’ by John Harding

Terrence Malick takes us To the Wonder, and beyond Terrence Malick may be America’s most fuel-efficient filmmaker. Even when one of his movies is average-length it can seem like it will go on forever. … And I am a big fan. All of Malick’s films are visual feasts, from Badlands and Days of Heaven to A Thin Red Line and The New World. If one […]

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Randy Dunkle (Mark Cohen) and Nina Kaufman (Mauree)n lead the cast in a celebration of “La Vie Boheme." Photo courtesy of Silhouette Stages.

‘Rent’ at Silhouette Stages by John Harding

The sexy young cast reviving Rent at Silhouette Stages in Columbia is better than a can of Red Bull at delivering a jumpin’ jolt of energy. Here’s a weekend show guaranteed to crank you up and get you set for nosediving into Monday’s challenges. Working in partnership with Howard Community College, this small community theater in the […]

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The cast of 'Avenue Q.' Photo courtesy of Red Branch Theatre Company.

‘Avenue Q’ at Red Branch Theatre Company by John Harding

In a make-believe Michelin Guide to musical highways and byways, Avenue Q would hardly rank as more than a Broadway roundabout. It’s a tuneful goof on Sesame Street, peopled mainly by sexually precocious puppets. But, boy, does it pour on the charm. It is also endearingly universal, say in the way that You’re a Good Man, […]

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Electra: I was my own midwife, I gave birth alone. Electra (Chantia Jackson) and , Clytemnestra (Deb Carson). Photo courtesy of Mobtown Players.

‘Electra’ at Mobtown Players by John Harding

After 14 seasons of new and often experimental theater, Baltimore’s Mobtown Players is busy re-inventing itself this fall with a slate of classics. If the opening night of Euripides’ Electra on September 7, 2012 sounded a note more of promise than triumph, it still reaffirmed this venue as Baltimore’s “little theater that could.” The re-invention […]

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