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‘Agnes Under the Big Top’ at Forum Theatre by Maddie Gaw

Forum Theatre’s season debut begins with a tongue-in-cheek pre-show announcement. It acknowledges a sort of cultural sameness that we feel as theatergoers, and as city-dwellers, particularly about cell phone and escalator etiquette. It’s as funny as anything in Agnes Under the Big Top, Aditi Brennan Kapil’s tale of disparate immigrants and people who cross each […]

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The cast of 'A Chorus Line.' Photo courtesy of Widlwood Summer Theatre.

‘A Chorus Line’ at Wildwood Summer Theatre by Maddie Gaw

God, I hope Wildwood Summer Theatre gets the recognition they deserve for this production of A Chorus Line! ‘God I hope they get it!’ “WST is the only fully independent youth-run summer theatre in the Washington, DC area,” my program explains to me. Make no mistake; here, youth-run is not synonymous with amateur. In this production, […]

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Capital Fringe Review: ‘McPherson Madness’ by Maddie Gaw

The moment you walk in the theater, McPherson Madness assails you with its world, trying to become your reality. Cast members ask for change, hand out programs as if they’re flyers for the Occupy D.C. movement, and many converge in that now clichéd “drum” circle (this one was really a guitar circle). While definitely a […]

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Capital Fringe Review: ‘Mirabilia’ by Maddie Gaw

Electric Mayhem Productions announced their arrival with Mirabilia, a (literally) colorful tale about two friends on separate quests to find one another. Written by and starring Rebecca Rose Vassy and Erica Smith, Mirabilia is an oddball, whimsical hodgepodge of aesthetics, which, for the most part, work well together. Best friends KC (Vassy) and AJ (Smith) […]

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Capital Fringe Review: “The Snuff Musical’ by Maddie Gaw

They’ll make anything into a musical these days. Well, not just anything. Any movie gets a musical these days. If all future movie-based musicals are half as clever as The Snuff Musical, then we might be in good shape. This is a self-aware and biting satire about the perceived current state of musical theatre, and […]

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Ed Higgins and Gabriel Potter. Photo by Elli Swink.

‘My Favorite Year’ at Damascus Theatre Company by Maddie Gaw

Living in a cynical age, it’s refreshing to see a musical comedy like My Favorite Year. “Nice” and “Charming” are the first two words that come to mind, but this is no fluff piece. Behind every cutesy dance number is an exploration of the two lead characters’ secret pathos. It’s smart and sweet, a rare combination, […]

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‘Red’ at Elden Street Players by Maddie Gaw

“Artists should starve,” Mark Rothko insists in John Logan’s 2010 Tony Award-winning play Red. “Except me,” he concludes wryly. That one line encapsulates the play’s exploration of contrasts – contrast of colors in a painting, contrast between art movements and generations, and most importantly, the contrast between what Rothko says and what he does. These […]

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