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Review: ‘A Christmas Carol’ at McCarter Theatre Center

I cried while watching Adam Immerwahr’s revamped production of A Christmas Carol for McCarter Theatre Center. Immerwahr’s redo is less opulent, more spare, and aims for more intimacy and realism, but like its predecessors, shines as a moving, telling version of the familiar Dickens tale. You may think you know Scrooge, Marley, Fred, and the […]

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‘Marisol’ at Villanova Theatre

José Rivera’s Marisol is a dystopian look at a post-apocalyptic time when a war among machine gun-toting angels, part of a heavenly rebellion against a God pronounced senile, has caused devastation as destructive as anything humans perpetrated with their inhumanity towards each other. To use a term from 20 years before Marisol appeared in 1992, […]

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