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Capital Fringe Review: ‘Legal Tender’ By Tzvi Kahn

Legal Tender consists of a series of nine narratively distinct but thematically linked vignettes executed as prose-in-performance pieces, meaning that the action unfolds with the aid of a narrator as well as other supporting characters who recount the events onstage and the inner thoughts of the protagonists. The stories —ranging from a solemn allegory about […]

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Mary Leaphart.

Capital Fringe Review: ‘Almost Together’ by Tzvi Kahn

Almost Together, the dynamic one-woman show performed by Community Theater veteran Mary Leaphart and directed by Steven Cupo, aims to chronicle its protagonist’s experience with bipolar disorder, but it constitutes less a narrative of mental illness than a musical expression of its chief symptoms: the highs and the lows, the despair and the ecstasy, and […]

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Nephrectomy V2

Capital Fringe Review: ‘Nephrectomy’ by Tzvi Kahn

The Staunch Theatre Company’s compact but psychologically acute play Nephrectomy seeks to depict the angst, insecurities, and aimlessness of three contemporary 20-somethings through the story of an unreciprocated crush and its unlikely aftermath. The production achieves this goal, though its narrative and thematic centerpiece – the figurative and possibly literal removal of a kidney, which […]

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The cast of 'Our Class': Alexander Strain, Sasha Olinick, Joshua Morgan, Dana Levanovsky, Mark Krawczyk, Heather Haney, Tim Getman, Laura C. Harris, Harlan Work, and Ashley Ivey. Photo by C. Stanley Photography.

‘Our Class’ at Theater J by Tzvi Kahn

Our Class, the searing, emotionally devastating, and unforgettable new production at Theater J, constitutes both a play and an enervating pedagogical exercise – a Holocaust-era case study in the moral degeneration of individuals in the context of societal descent into genocide and madness. At first, the story, which chronicles the lives of ten Polish classmates […]

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a shock

Capital Fringe Review: ‘Shock/Trauma’ by Tzvi Kahn

If the cinematic car crash constitutes the cliché that never dies (or kills or wounds its action hero passengers, for that matter), the new play presented by Unstrung Harpist Productions and directed by Tom Prewitt seeks to portray the darker, uglier side of its actual victims’ real-life experiences. Shock/Trauma chronicles the effects – personal, social, […]

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a no exit

Capital Fringe Review: ‘No Exit’ by Tzvi Kahn

As you enter the basement level of the Mount Vernon United Methodist Church for OUR Theatre’s modern adaptation of Sartre’s No Exit, the play’s Valet (Thomas L. McGrath) appears in character to direct you to your seats. “Enjoy your stay,” he creepily intones, then exits to find more ticketholders. It’s a clever touch for this […]

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a mein

Capital Fringe Review: ‘Mein Kampf’ by Tzvi Kahn

According to a press release and other advertising, Scena Theatre’s production of George Tabori’s Mein Kampf constitutes a “daring,” “savagely funny,” and “in-your-face dark comedy,” not to mention a “gem of international theatre” with “a volatile and taboo subject” that “only Scena would dare stage in Washington.” The source material makes it easy to see […]

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Josh Sticklin as Aaron. Photo by Jim Coates.

‘Cuchullain’ at The Keegan Theatre by Tzvi Kahn

The coke-snorting, alcohol-guzzling, profanity-spewing and sexually promiscuous protagonist of Cuchullain, the one-man show now playing at The Keegan Theatre, belongs to a familiar theatrical archetype: the degenerate anti-hero who compensates for his wayward shenanigans with disarming charm, charisma and bracing good humor. Aaron, the 19-year-old Irish reprobate played with obvious relish by Josh Sticklin, may […]

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