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Hello Darlings!

My name is Judy Stadt and I am a professional Actor, Vocalist, Playwright, Illustrator, Jewelry Designer … so let’s just call me an artist. So, what am I doing now? Well, I’m the creator, the Producer and the entertaining Host of The Lunch & Judy Show (DCMTA Publisher and Editor Joel Markowitz is a regular on the show) heard on several networks all over the world and I hope you will give it a listen. I’ll be writing a weekly column to give you a “taste” of what Show Business was like when I grew up in the nineteen forties when EVERYTHING that you can see, hear or read about today was different from what it was then. I’m talking EVERYTHING … things, people, ideals, wishes … but especially show business.

Judyisms: ‘How I Dealt With Burnout’

For someone with a really, really good life, nice home, talent that reveals itself in many areas, a radio show that I adore doing and people (I hear) adore listening to, healthy family and pets … even with all that life can be a bit disturbing sometimes. Why I constantly ask myself? I had absolutely no […]

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‘The Lunch and Judy Show’: ‘Auditions’ by Judy Stadt

I am the host and creator and writer and editor of The Lunch and Judy Show. I am so honored to bring you The Lunch and Judy Show on DC Metro Theater Arts. THIS WEEK: ‘Auditions’ (Click here to listen):  THE AUDITION 10/15/13 MY AUDITION, you think it’s glamorous?   I WANT TO BE IN PICTURES, Paul Martin BREAK: […]

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