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Cyle Durkee is a local actor, director and ranter. Go inside the not-so-easy life of a DC actor. He’s funny, somewhat abrasive and totally blunt.


Ranting With Cyle: ‘Sounds of Silence’ by Cyle Durkee

Silence. Makes people…. Nervous. Which I find a bit odd. You would think that it would take the pressure off, right? We could all just not talk, and everyone should be fine with that (now replace “everyone” with “The Dalai Llama” and you have something more akin to reality). You would think that people would love […]

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Joshua Morgan and Carolyn Cole sing "Short People.' Photo by

‘La-Ti-Do’ at Black Fox Lounge by Cyle Durkee

In one word: Amazing (I wish people would just trust me on that and go see it, but I also understand that I should probably let you know why {so here goes})! Ok, this is unique. La-Ti-Do (Monday nights at the Black Fox Lounge in Dupont {downstairs [at the lounge, not the circle]}) is a confluence […]

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