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Five and a half years ago, my little boy Ben was dancing in the basement of a woman’s house in Maryland, showing off his gymnastics moves, taps and splits. That little boy is now a teen, getting ready to fly back from Los Angeles to New York, where he will train for the role he’s pursued since 2008 – the title part on the national tour of “Billy Elliot.”

For the past three years, I’ve written about Ben’s career (and you can read it in my website ) in an attempt to process what has taken place in our lives. Joel very graciously asked me to share some of those stories with his audience.

'Stage Dad' illustration by Judy Stadt.

Stage Dad: ‘Talking to Other Parents’: Part Two: ‘What Other Parents Wish They Had Known’ by Glenn Cook

What Other Parents Wish They Had Known… One of my favorite television shows is Friday Night Lights, a beautifully written, small-scale drama that focuses on a small Texas town and its obsession with high school football. The show’s overarching theme is “Clear Eyes. Full Hearts. Can’t Lose” – a motto that all parents should adopt […]

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John and Olivia Cook. Photo courtesy of Glenn Cook.

Stage Dad: ‘A Better Dad Now’ by Glenn Cook

I became a better father when my dad died. It was five years ago this past week – a lifetime in many respects. Dad had been ill for some time, thanks to a slightly toxic gene pool that forced him to fight a variety of physical maladies for years. My mom spent most of my […]

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