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    <div>Auditions for Beau Jest – July 17, 18 at the Greenbelt Arts Center
    <div>Auditions for Beau Jest by James Sherman and directed by Norma Ozur will be held at the Greenbelt Arts Center onMonday, July 17 and Tuesday, July 18th at 7PM, with callbacks Thursday, July 20.

    All roles are open, non-union and unpaid.

    Interested parties should contact director Norma Ozur atnozur@verizon.net or 301-935-2771.</div>
    <u>The Story:</u>
    <div>Sarah is a nice Jewish girl with a problem: her parents want her married to a nice Jewish boy. They have never met her boyfriend, a WASP executive named Chris Kringle. She tells them she is dating a Jewish doctor and they insist on meeting him. She plans a dinner party and, over the heated protests of Chris, employs an escort service to send her a Jewish date to be Dr. Steinberg. Instead, they send Bob Schroeder, an aspiring actor who agrees to perform the impersonation. Happily, he is extremely convincing in the role and Sarah’s parents are enraptured. Soon, even Sarah falls for Bob.</div>
    <u>Beau Jest Character Descriptions</u>
    <div>Sarah Goldman – Mid to late 20s.  Attractive, outgoing, family oriented.  She teaches Kindergarten, lives alone and has a steady boyfriend, who is not of her religion.

    Chris Cringle- Late 20s to late 30’s.  An accountant, in love with Sarah and who understands the religion problem, but  mildly resents the situation.

    Bob – Late 20s to mid 30s. An escort hired by Sarah to pretend he is the boyfriend of whom her parents would approve.  He is charming, personable and good at his job as escort.

    Joel Goldman – Mid to late 30s. Sarah’s older brother.  Divorced, has children.  He is a psychologist/therapist who understands Sarah’s dilemma.

    Miriam Goldman – Late 50s to 60s. Sarah and Joel’s stay-at-home mother, who knows what’s best for her children and lets them know it.  She usually has the last word in arguments with her husband.

    Abe Goldman – 60s. Sarah and Joel’s father. Upper middle class business man who loves his children, follows (somewhat) his religion and usually loses arguments with his wife</div>
    <div>Greenbelt Arts Center, 123 Centerway, Greenbelt, MD 20770
    Located under the Co-Op
    301-441-8770 | http://www.greenbeltartscenter.org | info@greenbeltartscenter.org</div>

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