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    Megan Evans

    Auditions for RMT’s Production of White Christmas

    **All Roles are Unpaid. We do not precast.**

    Producer: Stew Remer
    Director/ Choreographer: Duane Edward Monahan
    Music Director: Marci Shegogue
    Audition Dates:

    Saturday, August 12th 10:00 to 12:15pm
    Sunday, August 13th 1:00 to 3:15pm

    CALLBACKS (as necessary and by invitation only):
    Monday, August 14th at 7:00 to 10:00pm
    Audition Location:

    Nancy H Dacek North Potomac Community Center
    13850 Travilah Road
    Rockville, MD 20850

    Performance Dates:

    October 27 & 28 at 8:00 PM
    November 3, 4, 10 & 11 at 8:00 PM
    November 5 & 12 at 2:00 PM​

    Audition Procedure:

    Please prepare a 16 to 24-bar cut of music in the style of the show (1940’s and 50’s classics). Piano accompaniment will be provided.

    Part of your audition will include a dance combination. The dance captain will teach a short jazz combination at the initial auditions. Please ensure that you are properly dressed to dance and that you have the proper footwear for dance.

    If you are asked to come to callbacks, most of you will be taught a tap combination by the choreographer. As with the initial audition, please ensure that you are dressed to dance and have tap or hard soled shoes​

    ​Bob Wallace – late 20’s to early 40’s, (Baritone) a superb singer with a crooning style who moves well. A major singing star, Bob is the guiding force behind Wallace and Davis. He wears his fame easily and is a born leader but has some social and romantic awkwardness that makes him endearing to the audience.

    Phil Davis – late 20’s to late 30’s, (Bari-tenor) strong jazz and tap-dancing needed – a song-and-dance comic performer. The fun-loving partner in Wallace and Davis, Phil is a lady’s man and a clown. He is a wonderful friend and will partake in any scheme he can cook up in order to make sure his best friend is happy (especially when Phil has something to gain). Phil has a boyish charm and is also quite dashing.

    Betty Haynes – mid 20’s to mid 30’s, (Mezzo-Soprano) a female singer of quiet beauty and charm who must move well. Betty is the older and more sensible of the Haynes sisters. Betty has always taken care of Judy and is hesitant to leave her little sister alone, even though her chances for love and a career are on the line. She must have strong stage presence and a “romantic” side.

    Judy Haynes – early 20’s to early 30’s, (Alto) strong jazz and tap-dancing needed – a major song-and-dance performer. The younger Haynes sister, who is beautiful and ambitious. Judy knows how to use all of her feminine appeal to her advantage be it spunk, charm, sex appeal, or outright flirting. But her scheming is always good-hearted and this powerhouse performer’s greatest role is that of a devoted sister.

    General Henry Waverly – late 50’s to mid 70’s, with the exception of one line, a non-singing role. A retired Army general who has taken up the “simpler life” of a Vermont Innkeeper. Although he has the gruff exterior of a man who was career military, the General is dignified, compassionate, and the ultimate heart of the show. Actor playing this role must make a strong audience connection and be loveable.

    Martha Watson – late 40’s to mid 60’s, (Alto-Belt Voice) a winning, appealing character-comedienne. A retired Broadway star, Martha’s engagements have faded, but her star power hasn’t. The ultimate busybody and meddler, Martha now runs the General’s life (despite his objections) and is the housekeeper at the Inn. Must have wonderful comic timing and a larger than life on-stage persona. Has a wonderful comedic solo showstopper.

    Susan Waverly – 9 -11 years old, (Belt Voice) she must have an excellent belt voice and be able to move well – tap dance preferred The General’s granddaughter who is utterly committed to him and entirely loveable. Susan is a smart and talented young lady who is wise beyond her years, and represents the child’s perspective in the show.

    Ensemble and Other Roles – late teens to 50’s. The ensemble is made up of a variety of singers, dancers, and actors. Not every ensemble member needs to be a triple threat (but we wouldn’t mind it). The ensemble is made up of 10 women and 10-12 men. The following roles will be cast from the ensemble

    Ralph Sheldrake – mid to late 30’s. A former army buddy of Bob and Phil’s, Ralph now works on the Ed Sullivan Show. Ralph was the “class clown” in his army troupe and continues to maintain that personae even after the war. This role will double.

    Rita – mid 20’s to early 30’s A Sassy showgirl who works with Wallace and Davis. Not the brightest bulb in the box, but a lot of fun and a great dancer. This role will be a featured dancer.

    Rhoda – mid 20’s to early 30’s A Sassy showgirl who works with Wallace and Davis. Not the sharpest tack in the drawer, but a lot of fun and a great dancer. This role will be a featured dancer.

    Ezekiel Foster – mid 40’s to late 50’s. A helping hand at the Inn, Ezekiel is a good old fashioned New Englander, who enjoys a slower pace in everything he does. This character will NOT adopt a stereotypical “Vermont” accent. This role may double.

    Mike – mid 20’s to mid 40’s. A comic foil with a clipboard, Mike is the Stage Manager for Wallace & Davis. Mike has a flair for the dramatic that usually results in a laugh. This role may double.

    Chorus “Kids” – featured dancer ensemble made up of 6 men and 6 women who are wonderful dancers and have tap experience. These performers are the troupe that travel in the Wallace & Davis show and are featured in “Happy Holiday/Let Yourself Go,” “Blue Skies,” “I love a Piano,” “White Christmas/I’ve Got My Love to Keep me Warm”, and more… Rita and Rhoda are part of this group.

    Tessie – Bob and Phil’s secretary, a young woman who is entirely capable, sharp, and won’t put up with any of Phil’s nonsense.

    Jimmy – the owner of the club Betty and Judy are ‘discovered’ in. A big personality who owns a little club – announcer style voice.

    Snoring Man – A passenger on the train to Vermont with solo lines in the song “Snow”, can be any age and must have wonderful comic timing and be willing to snore LOUDLY onstage.

    Cigarette Girl, Mrs. Snoring Man, Seamstress, Assistant Seamstress, Sheldrake’s Secretary(s) – women’s roles with featured solos/lines

    Train Conductor, Dance Captain, Ed Sullivan Announcer, Regency Room Announcer – men’s roles with features solos/lines Over the course of the show the ensemble acts as:

    Jimmy’s Back Room’ Club Goers
    Quintet during “The Best Things Happen When You’re Dancing”
    Train Passengers
    Inn Guests
    Patrons of the Regency Room

    [PLEASE NOTE: All ages referenced in the character descriptions are stage-ages – that is, how old you appear onstage – not your actual age]


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