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    Arielle Seidman

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    <div class=”_1mf _1mj” data-offset-key=”3ht63-0-0″><span data-offset-key=”3ht63-0-0″>Britches and Hose is pleased to announce auditions for our upcoming production of Twelfth Night, directed by Arielle Seidman. </span></div>
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    <div class=”_1mf _1mj” data-offset-key=”en5ga-0-0″><span data-offset-key=”en5ga-0-0″>Auditions will take place on September 2, at the Martha Washington Library, (6614 Fort Hunt Road Alexandria, VA 22307-1799) from 1:00PM to 5:00PM. You do not need to reserve an audition spot; please feel free to come any time between 1:00 and 4:30. We will NOT be seeing new auditioners after 4:30PM. Please plan to arrive early enough that you have time to read several sides, with several other auditioners. </span></div>
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    <div class=”_1mf _1mj” data-offset-key=”3fdr6-0-0″><span data-offset-key=”3fdr6-0-0″>Auditions will consist of cold readings from the script. Sides will be provided for you. You are invited, but not required to bring a memorized classical monologue, up to two minutes in length. </span></div>
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    <div class=”_1mf _1mj” data-offset-key=”dma9o-0-0″><span data-offset-key=”dma9o-0-0″>You do not need to bring a resume or headshot, but please come prepared to fill out a conflict calendar with any and all conflicts during the rehearsal period. </span></div>
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    <div class=”_1mf _1mj” data-offset-key=”fm3tk-0-0″><span data-offset-key=”fm3tk-0-0″>We will rehearse regular Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Sundays. We will rehearse Sunday through Thursday on the week of November 26. Performances will take place on December 1, 2, and 3. There may be an understudy performance on December 10. Please plan to take your Thanksgiving plans into account when filling out your conflict calendar. </span></div>
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    <div class=”_1mf _1mj” data-offset-key=”9oen1-0-0″><span data-offset-key=”9oen1-0-0″>We will also need singers for this production. If you would like to audition for a singing role, please come prepared to sing us a few bars of a classical or traditional piece. </span></div>
    <div class=”” data-block=”true” data-editor=”brrbr” data-offset-key=”h4qb-0-0″>
    <div class=”_1mf _1mj” data-offset-key=”h4qb-0-0″><span data-offset-key=”h4qb-0-0″>If you have any questions, you may contact Arielle Seidman at britchesandhose.artistic@gmail.com.</span></div>
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    <div class=”_1mf _1mj” data-offset-key=”dfgb5-0-0″><span data-offset-key=”dfgb5-0-0″>We’re looking forward to seeing you there!</span></div>

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    Hello. I am interested. Are the paid roles?

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