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    <div class=”_1mf _1mj” data-offset-key=”8qnkh-0-0″><span data-offset-key=”8qnkh-0-0″>Charm City Players is looking for adult males for the ensemble (and featured roles) for its upcoming productions of an unnamed Disney Musical (about a practically perfect nanny) and Peter Pan.</span></div>
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    <div class=”_1mf _1mj” data-offset-key=”8qnkh-0-0″><span data-offset-key=”8qnkh-0-0″>The Disney Musical runs for 8 performances March 18- April 1 at The Harry and Jeannette Weinberg Auditorium. Rehearsals are Monday, Wednesday, and Saturday/Sundays and begin January 2. </span></div>
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    <div class=”_1mf _1mj” data-offset-key=”613li-0-0″><span data-offset-key=”613li-0-0″>Peter Pan runs June 24- July 17, rehearsals start in March. </span></div>
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    <div class=”_1mf _1mj” data-offset-key=”88f2v-0-0″><span data-offset-key=”88f2v-0-0″>We are looking for strictly male and female dancers as well. </span></div>
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    <div class=”_1mf _1mj” data-offset-key=”ak9fd-0-0″><span data-offset-key=”ak9fd-0-0″>For more information please email Chrissy Napp, Company Manager at info@charmcityplayers.com :-) </span></div>

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