‘Major Barbara’ at Pallas Theatre Collective

It’s not always easy to figure out what view of life George Bernard Shaw is trying to express in Major Barbara. Though he was a freethinker, he gives us a witty, tolerant, idealistic heroine, Barbara, who’s passionate about her work with the Salvation Army; though he was a committed socialist, he nevertheless puts some of […]

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‘Filichia on Friday': ‘Give Your Regards to Cagney and Creighton’

It’s an honor to bring Peter Filichia’s column every week on Kritzerland called ‘Filichia on Friday’ to our readers on DCMetroTheaterArts. This Week:  Give Your Regards to Cagney and Creighton ______ Purchase Peter Filichia’s New Book The Great Parade: Broadway’s Astonishing, Never-to-Be-Forgotten 1963-1964 Season HERE. ______ Recent ‘Filichia on Friday’ Articles May 8, 2015: The 2015 Broadway University Final Exam May […]

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‘Avenue Q’ at Stillpointe Theatre Initiative

Avenue Q Gets an “A”! As a child, I was obsessed with Sesame Street. I often wax nostalgic, thinking about how the delightful and whimsical Muppets taught me my ABC’s and about the importance of friendship. Thirty years later, a different set of puppets on a different street “taught” me that “The Internet is for […]

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‘Fiddler on the Roof’ at St. Mark’s Players

St. Mark’s Players production of Fiddler on the Roof is a must-see. Those in the theater industry (and even those who’ve been around for the past 40 years), have heard of this Tony Award-winning show (with music by Jerry Bock, lyrics by Sheldon Harnick, and book by Joseph Stein), and St. Mark’s created a cast and […]

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‘Cinderella’ at The Puppet Co.

The Puppet Co. presents Cinderella, arguably the world’s most beloved fairy tale, with over thirteen hundred different versions of this story spread over countries and cultures. One thing about The Puppet Company that I have always loved is their affinity for the older, lesser-known versions of our childhood favorites, and such is the case with […]

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Pianist Alon Goldstein at the Odeon Chamber Music Series

Franz Schubert’s Piano Sonata No. 19 in C minor is a sprawling, at times even rambling composition that takes a full half hour to spin out. Not even one of the world’s greatest living pianists, András Schiff, could complete it without some audience shuffling and coughing when he performed it at the Music Center at […]

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‘Dirty Dancing – The Classic Story On Stage’ at The Hippodrome Theatre at The France-Merrick Performing Arts Center

If you absolutely adored the movie Dirty Dancing and wouldn’t change a thing about it, Baltimore’s Hippodrome Theatre has just the show for you. Dirty Dancing — The Classic Story on Stage is easily the most literal-minded film adaptation ever put to stage. For millions of fans, that will be a good thing. Eleanor Bergstein doesn’t […]

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An Interview with David London on ‘Creative Spirit Seance’ – May 15-31, 2015 at Church and Company in Baltimore

One of the coolest events I went to last year was David London’s Creative Spirit Séance.  At its core, Séance is a eerily wonderful magic show but it’s also a creative playground where one has the chance to explore one’s beliefs in things that might … defy scientific explanation. David is remounting the show, with […]

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‘The Call’ at Theater J

Tanya Barfield’s play The Call seeks to give dramatic expression to the stark chasm between first world problems and third world problems. In so doing it tackles a topic with vast global consequence and humanizes it on stage such that we in our western comfort zone may take a hard look at it and not […]

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Nibble and Sips Around Town: ‘A Visit to The Virginia Gold Cup’ and 2 Recipes

Whisk and Quill was delighted to accept an invitation to attend the 90th running of the Virginia Gold Cup last weekend in The Plains, Virginia, as a judge for their prestigious tailgate competition – a hard-fought and entirely subjectively-judged contest pitting talented and sophisticated entrants against those of the same stylish stripe. The competition for this […]

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