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Kirsten Quinn, Ian Agnew, and Tyler Brennan. Photo by Mark Garvin.

Review: ‘The Roses in June’ at Seagull Productions

June 1967. What memories does that bring? Sgt. Pepper, The Rolling Stones, bell bottoms, assassinations, the conflict with ’50s conformity, trouble in the Middle East? This is the era summoned by Timothy M. Kolman’s play The Roses in June, which is now receiving its world premiere at Plays and Players Theatre in Philadelphia. If you […]

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Clare O'Malley and Rachel O'Malley. Photo by Matt Urban/Mobius New Media.

Review: ‘Hetty Feather’ at Delaware Theatre Company

Nothing can keep Hetty Feather down. An orphan’s life is a hard one, especially in Victorian England – and Hetty has it harder than most orphans, spending years enduring cruel treatment in London’s Foundling Hospital. But in her mind, Hetty soars. And with the aid of a little stage magic (and a lot of remarkable […]

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Review: ‘Marat/Sade’ at Temple University

The Persecution and Assassination of Jean-Paul Marat as Performed by the Inmates of the Asylum of Charenton Under the Direction of the Marquis de Sade is perhaps the world’s longest title for a play, but it tells exactly what it is about. The Marquis de Sade, the sex driven author for whom “sadism” is named, […]

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2016 Philadelphia Fringe Festival Review: ‘King John’ at Revolution Shakespeare

King John, one of Shakespeare’s lesser-known history plays, is filled with intrigue, betrayal, and a pair of kings who are constantly threatening to go to war. In other words, it’s perfect for this political season. And Director Dan Kern’s production for Revolution Shakespeare, staged outdoors at Hawthorne Park, gets down and dirty with the play’s […]

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Review: ‘The Lion in Winter’ at Vagabond Players

The Lion in Winter’ reaches the pinnacle of high entertainment Vagabond Players’ The Lion in Winter, expertly directed by Steve Goldklang is a show any theater lover, nay any lover of art must see. The show is spectacular beyond words. This show proves the theorem that theater is a support system for life. The play follows […]

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Review: ‘When the Rain Stops Falling’ at 1st Stage

This play by Andrew Bovell in this 1st Stage production burned so many astounding images onto my brain—and sent into my ears so many searing exchanges—that my head is still spinning. For instance there’s a scene when we see the same character, Elizabeth Law, at two different ages in her life played by two different […]

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‘A Christmas Carol’ at The Little Theatre of Alexandria

I don’t think I know one person who doesn’t know A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens. Last night, I attended The Little Theater of Alexandria’s visually stunning and entertaining production. Directed by Rachael Hubbard, this A Christmas Carol is amazing, brilliant, and full of the spirit of Christmas. The set design, by Andrea D’Amato, definitely transcends […]

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‘Finally Quiet in My Head’ at DC Black Theatre Festival 2015 at Anacostia Arts Center on June 20-21st by Cristina A. Bejan

Two humans in St. Elizabeth’s psychiatric hospital in SE Washington DC who deny that their existence is defined solely by the label ‘crazy.’ One Washingtonian family who grapples with what their dear Morgan’s experience in the psych ward means. Finally…Quiet in my Head tells the story of native Washingontian Morgan and her unlikely friendship with […]

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‘Lettice and Lovage’ at the Quotidian Theatre Company

Tea and Entropy: Lettice and Lovage at the Quotidian Theatre Company Lettice and Lovage is crafted with love, a fitting tribute to a playwright, Peter Shaffer, whose passion for words makes this play a joy to watch. The leads, Jane Squier Bruns, as Miss Lettice Douffet, and Leah Mazade, as Miss Charlotte Schoen, have reached […]

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‘Ernest in Love’ at The Colonial Players

The sharp jab at the crusty, Victorian era British upper crust in Ernest in Love, with Book and Lyrics by Anne Croswell, Music by Lee Pockriss, and directed by Rick Wade, is not too farfetched from today’s ongoing drama with the coddled, undertaxed One Percent. In England’s late 1800s, every movement of the upper class nobility was governed by […]

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Magic Time! Passion for a Play: A Q&A With Michael Dove, Director of Forum Theatre’s ‘Passion Play’

Sarah Ruhl’s Passion Play is an epic three-part play set in three eras—Queen Elizabeth’s England, Adolf Hitler’s Germany, and Ronald Reagan’s America. It’s a fancifully sprawling story, and each act centers around a community’s staging of a play about the crucifixion of Jesus. Actors in the ensemble of eleven play similar roles from act to act. […]

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DCMTA Scene Stealers-January and February 2015-Part 2

Here is our second group of January and February Scene Stealers. Congrats to our honorees. ______ Patrick A’Hearn Singing “Music of the Night” at The Music of Andrew Lloyd Webber at Riverside Center Dinner Theater “But the loudest applause was heard after A’Hearn appeared from his lair to captivate the audience with his glorious performance of ‘Music […]

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‘The Turn of the Screw’ at Creative Cauldron at ArtSpace

Creative Cauldron presents the World Premiere of The Turn of the Screw, a musical adaptation of Henry James’ novella, with Book and Lyrics written by Stephen Gregory Smith and score by Matt Conner. Conner and Smith co-direct this suspenseful production alongside Musical Director Alvin Smithson, and it is the first installment in a five-year commissioning […]

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‘Excuse Me’ at Zemfira Stage

Excuse Me is a high-energy, subversive, conspiracy theory-infused, paranoid, mash-up zombie comedy. It is madcap built upon zinger lines such as “don’t make any rational moves.” But, hidden away within, when its over-the-top lunacy slows for a nano-second, are moments when serious issues poke out with a wave of a hand. This Zemfira Stage production […]

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