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The Women’s Voices Theater Festival: ‘#DeathParty’: ‘How We Died of Disease-Related Illness’ and ‘Bones in Whispers’ at Longacre Lea

The eagerly anticipated Women’s Voices Theatre Festival kicked off with the opening of Longacre Lea’s production of two world-premiere one-acts, which the company collectively dubs #DeathParty. The plays are stylistically distinct but share a cast and have an intriguing thematic kinship: Both tap into the anxious zeitgeist about global contagion and human extinction. Prescience? Paranoia? […]

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‘Hope Operas’ Week One at the Comedy Spot

Back in the ‘30s they called ‘em Cliffhangers. They were weekly serials that played before a main feature at the movies. They turned into serials, first on the radio and then on television evolving into the prime time episodic programs and daytime soap operas we watch now. This month you can see them live onstage […]

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Scene Stealers-Week Ending August 17, 2014

Here are this week’s Scene Stealers. Congrats to our honorees! _______ Stacy Crickmer as Lady of the Lake singing ‘Diva’s Lament’ and “Find Your Grail’ in Monty Python’s Spamalot at Zemfira Stage “Songs and scenes that caught your reviewer’s eyes and ears for mention included: Crickmer lamenting her lack of appropriate stage time with “Diva’s Lament” (Whatever […]

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‘Pol Pot & Associates, LLP’ at Longacre Lea

This is a cunning conundrum of a play. It moves back and forth in time, sudden lighting changes signal shifts from realistic to magical, the characters speak like superliterate savants, one-line zingers carom among them, the plot is doled out in tantalizing tidbits, the story toys with our rapt attention like a Rubik’s cube in […]

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Joe Carlson (Macbeth).
Photo by Johannes Markus.

‘Voodoo Macbeth’ at The American Century Theater by David Friscic

The American Century Theater (TACT), under the Artistic Direction of Jack Marshall, pulls it all together with a stunning and audacious production of “that Scottish play” – William Shakespeare’s tragic tale of the murderous Macbeth. This Macbeth – Voodoo Macbeth – is even a deeper and more complex re-working by Director Kathleen Akerley – of the […]

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‘#crazypants’ at Catholic University by Erica Laxson

Catholic University’s Department of Drama’s #crazypants takes a comical look at the ineffectuality of the Occupy movement when presented by a small town group of young activists without a plan. MFA Playwright Candidate Katherine Clair has captured to tone and tech of the generation with a close and personal look at the lives of youthful […]

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Jennifer Hopkins and Heather Haney. Photo by C. Stanley Photography.

‘Goldfish Thinking’ at Longacre Lea by Kim Moeller

I love everything about Goldfish Thinking. It has a smart and truly funny script, one of the finest ensemble casts I have seen this year, and an impressive leading actor in Heather Haney. The direction, set, lighting, and sound design all deserve high praise. And if that isn’t enough, you’ll spend less than $20 per […]

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William Hayes, Christopher Herring, Bruce Rauscher, Daniel Corey, Joe Cronin, Cyle Durkee, and Jack Powers  Photo by Dennis Deloria.

On the Waterfront at American Century Theater by Eric Denver

American Century Theater (ACT) is currently producing a  powerful production of On the Waterfront – about the shenanigans of the International Longshoremen’s Association (ILA) and the resultant corruption in the Big Apple. This production is adapted for the stage by Budd Schulberg, who wrote the Oscar-winning screenplay for the 1954 film based on the same name, with Stan […]

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