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Review: ‘Hedwig and the Angry Inch’ at the Forrest Theatre

When John Cameron Mitchell (book) and Stephen Trask (music and lyrics) were developing their gender-bending rock musical Hedwig and the Angry Inch for its Off-Broadway premiere in 1998, the Berlin Wall had only recently come down (November 1989), David Bowie and Lou Reed, icons of the glam and punk rock music of the ‘70s, were still […]

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Review: ‘An Irish Carol’ at The Keegan Theatre

For the 6th year in a row, The Keegan Theatre is paying tribute to the Dickens classic A Christmas Carol, with their production of An Irish Carol. Reimagined by Keegan company member, Matthew Keenan, and first produced in 2011, this more modern interpretation of Dickens, has become a Holiday tradition for many in the DC […]

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In Context: ‘Six Degrees of Separation’ at The Keegan Theatre

John Guare’s Six Degrees of Separation was widely admired as an ingenious, penetrating look at contemporary society when it premiered in New York back in 1990. Based on a true story, it concerns a young, black, gay grifter who insinuates himself into some of Manhattan’s most sophisticated homes, posing as Sidney Poitier’s son. Ultimately, this drama […]

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Review #2: ‘Six Degrees of Separation’ at The Keegan Theatre

In John Guare’s wonderfully enigmatic and slightly precocious play, Six Degrees of Separation, now playing at The Keegan Theatre—the ripples of interconnection run rampant as the author intended. This unique play is actually based on a scientific and mathematic theory that each human being on the planet is connected in some way by only six […]

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Review: ‘Six Degrees of Separation’ at The Keegan Theatre

We’ve all heard of this idea before—that there are six degrees of separation between everyone in the universe, from the president of the U.S. to a “gondolier in Venice.” John Guare’s play, named after this theory, has all the makings of a farce playing on this idea: a rich, middle-aged, overexcited white couple are fascinated […]

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An Irish Carol at The Keegan Theatre

Last night, The Keegan Theatre’s fourth annual production of An Irish Carol met a full house ready to experience the play’s impressive reputation. However this time, the Company has a few different goals. First, they make clear that every sale they make from this production will be set-aside for the Capital Campaign. The play is […]

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After Their DC Run and Now on Broadway: Estelle Parsons, Mary Bridget Davies, Idina Menzel, Tom Kitt and Brian Yorkey Receive 2014 Tony Award Nominations

DC audiences will be happy to know that Estelle Parsons and Mary Bridget Davies were nominated for their performances for The Velocity of Autumn and A Night With Janis Joplin which stopped here in DC at Arena Stage, and Idina Menzel for her performance in If/Then, which made a stop at The National Theatre before heading to Broadway. If/Then […]

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‘American Idiot’ at The National Theatre by John Stoltenberg

Among the exhilarating pleasures of seeing American Idiot now on tour at the National Theatre is experiencing this angsty, amped-up ode to antiestablishment disaffection performed full force in DC’s treasured temple of high culture. It’s a discombobulating blast. And Billie Joe Armstrong’s wildly imagined lyrics—scathingly antipathetic to conventional patriotism—keep detonating like verbal grenades. Don’t want to be […]

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‘The Best Man’ at The Keegan Theatre by David Friscic

The Keegan Theatre’s current production of Gore Vidal’s political drama The Best Man is solid entertainment in the best sense of the word. Never having read the play or having seen any previous stage production, I had thought that I was going to see a political satire or a polemical and specialized piece of theatre […]

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‘A Few Good Men’ at The Keegan Theatre by Max Johnson

Although this piece of theater that is nearly eponymous with its catchphrase, A Few Good Men is so much more than people not handling the truth.  As Aaron Sorkin’s flagship drama, Men weaves poetic dialogue into a dense political thriller, creating a captivating and fluid narrative, which is all the more impressive considering the especially rigid […]

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Magic Time! Keegan Theatre’s ‘A Few Good Men’ by John Stoltenberg

Exploding onstage like a fusillade of biting wit and badinage, A Few Good Men is getting a crackling-good production that makes this power-packed 1991 play feel like it was ripped from today’s headlines. Doesn’t matter whether you’ve seen the Hollywood movie version. Over at the The Keegan Theatre, it’s all brand-new again. So be forewarned: It could get […]

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Favorite ‘Scene Stealers’ of the 2012-2013 DC Area Theater Season: Part 3

There were many wonderful Scene Stealing moments on DC Metro Area stages in our professional, community, children’s, and university theaters during the past theater season (August 1, 2012-August 1, 2013). The DCMetroTheaterArts staff has selected its favorite Scene Stealers. Here’s our third set of honorees: ____ From Jessica Vaughan: Kevin Adams’ transformation in An Irish Carol at The Keegan Theatre. The Keegan […]

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 Bradley Smith and Kevin Adams. Photo by C. Stanley Photography.

‘All My Sons’ at The Keegan Theatre by David Friscic

Do not let the deceptive simplicity of the stunning set design (by Mark Johnson) – replete with lush greenery, white picket fences and flower boxes – fool you into thinking you are taking a trip to a Norman Rockwell painting, for The Keegan Theatre’s current production of All My Sons plunges assuredly into the psychological world […]

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