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Review: ‘Deconstruction’ at The Storm Theatre Company

“Who are you?” That is the philosophical question and moral issue raised in playwright Jonathan Leaf’s Deconstruction, a world-premiere three-hander (presented in conjunction with Christopher Ekstrom Productions), which opens the 20th-anniversary season of The Storm Theatre Company. Inspired by the alleged affair between real-life American writer and left-wing political activist Mary McCarthy and the younger […]

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Review: ‘Shades’ at Cherry Lane Theatre in NYC

“I tell you, War is Hell.” So declared Civil War General William Tecumseh Sherman in his 1879 address to the graduating class of the Michigan Military Academy. In Shades, a New York premiere presented by VIDCAPT in the studio at Cherry Lane Theatre, writer Paula J. Caplan considers the hellish aftermath of war on 20th-century […]

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Review: The American Pops Orchestra Presents ‘I’ll Be Seeing You: A World War II Love Story’ at Lisner Auditorium

I’ll Be Seeing You is a delightful portrait of the love and sacrifices of a newlywed couple separated by military service during World War II. The letters between Spark and Charley while Charlie is deployed in the Navy, along with the reminiscences of the couple’s older selves as grandparents, tell a universal story that’s also […]

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Meet the Director and Cast of ‘All My Sons’ at Peace Mountain Theatre Company: Part 8: Bill Hurlbut

In Part 8 of a series of interviews with the Director and cast of Peace Mountain Theatre Company‘s production of Arthur Miller’s All My Sons, meet  Joel: Tell readers where they may have seen you perform on local stages. Bill: Most recently I played Edward Seaga in the Baltimore Center Stage world premiere of Marley. I have also appeared […]

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‘Blithe Spirit’ at Everyman Theatre

Word has it that English playwright Noël Coward took only five days to write Blithe Spirit during the full fury of World War II, which premiered just six weeks later in June 1941, creating a new long-run record for non-musical British plays of 1,997 performances. Somehow, even while the Germans were barraging London and the death toll was mounting, […]

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‘Watch on the Rhine’ at The Colonial Players

Watch on the Rhine takes place during a seldom explored or even talked about era in American history. After the Great Depression and The New Deal, but before the bombing of Pearl Harbor there existed a dark period of uncertainty. In Europe, countries and territories fell to the Axis powers. One by one, rights were […]

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‘A Sense of Wonder’ at George Mason University

Kaiulani Lee’s enthralling one woman show was one of the most engrossing hours I have ever experienced. Lee’s piece, A Sense of Wonder, is based on the life and works of Rachel Carson, best known for Silent Spring, which awakened individuals and the government to the dangerous side effects of the use of certain chemicals, […]

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‘It’s a Wonderful Life: A Live Radio Play’ at CENTERSTAGE

Following its successful runs of the epic play Amadeus and the rock musical Next to Normal, CENTERSTAGE lines up a fantastic family rendering of Frank Capra’s beloved holiday classic film, It’s a Wonderful Life, as the third main stage production of its 2014-15 Season. Directed by Nelson T. Eusebio, III, It’s a Wonderful Life: A […]

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Spine: ‘Julius Caesar, “et tu Brute?” and You’

Shakespeare, the humanist; Shakespeare, the poet; Shakespeare, the political playwright; Shakespeare, the fatalist. Before he passed away, my 87-year-old father used to quiz members of the younger generations whom he’d meet at grocery stores and the like on their knowledge of history. He’d ask them: “Who crossed the Rubicon?” He’d get mostly blank looks, the […]

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A Report on The Concert Reading of ‘Yank! A New Musical’ at Rainbow Theatre Project

For it’s final play reading of the season, Rainbow Theatre Project delighted an SRO audience at Source on Monday night, May 4, 2014, with the off-Broadway hit Yank! A New Musical. Successfully produced in NYC in 2007, the show has been languishing in theater limbo ever since. There were plans to bring the show to Broadway, but as often happens, nothing […]

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‘The Complete History of America (abridged)’ at St. George’s Players’ by Ramona Harper

Get ready for a wacky wild ride through our nation’s timeline with the St. George’s Players ‘wonderfully zany presentation of The Complete History of America (abridged) currently playing at St. George’s Episcopal Church. If you weren’t so sure about knowing your history before seeing this show, you won’t be any more sure when you leave, but […]

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