An achingly beautiful ‘Last Five Years’ from Constellation Theatre

The solid voices of Adelina Mitchell (as Catherine) and Alex Stone (as Jamie) convey the evening’s exhilaration, hope, and grief.

A Juneteenth benchmark of local #WeSeeYouWAT action

A measure of antiracist work underway and a reminder of work yet to be done.

Stars align to ‘Save LAByrinth Theater Company’ with a virtual fundraiser

Producers Tim Guinee, Tom D’Angora, and Michael D’Angora - the team that raised over $1 million in the past six months with a string...

Silhouette Stages’ bold ‘BKLYN the Musical’ is a true tearjerker

A scrappy young theater company streams a fairy tale performed by an energetic, cute, and enthusiastic cast.

New comedy about the afterlife from new company born during COVID

Laurence Klavan’s hilarious 'What Comes Next' premieres as audio play from 21st Century Players.