SILVERDOCS: ‘A Brief History of John Baldessari’ and ‘Brute Force’ by Bari Biern

A Brief History of John Baldessari (USA) 6 minutes

In slightly more time than it takes to read this review, you can learn an impressive amount of knowledge about American artist, John Baldessari.

Co-Directors Henry Joost and Ariel Schulman* have created a 5 1/2-minute montage of facts, figures and images as well as pithy observations from the artist himself. The film, narrated by Tom Waits, is fast, funny and chock full of fascinating tidbits about Baldessari’s work, personality and height!

This is truly a short for the internet age, illustrating just how much information we can absorb in a thimbleful of time.

*In the interest of full disclosure, Ariel Schulman and I are cousins.  Would I admire the movie as much if we weren’t related?  Absolutely.

John Baldessari

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Shorts Program 1:  Arts and Crafts
Wednesday, June 20 4:00pm

Brute Force (USA) 15 minutes

You’ve probably never heard of Brute Force and, frankly, he’s pissed off about it. In 1969, he wrote and recorded a single, The King of Fuh, which George Harrison (yes, that George Harrison) produced under the aegis of The Beatles’ recording company, Apple. Just as the emerging artist is about to see his career take off, Capitol Records refuses to distribute the record and Brute Force sinks into obscurity – but that’s not the end of the story. With  the re-issue of his 1967 album, I, Brute Force-Confections of Love, Brute Force (aka Stephen Friedland) is back and, this time, he’s got his daughter with him. You’ll enjoy this quirky touching short by Ben Steinbauer.

Purchase tickets here:
Shorts Program 1: Arts and Crafts
Wednesday, June 20 4:00pm

Brute Force

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