Capital Fringe Review: ‘Souls’ by Joel Markowitz

A group of young dancers put their hearts and souls into Mayzsoul Dance Company’s energetic and beautiful production Souls. Described as “a thoughtful and moving metaphysical narrative, it follows lost souls as they help a new soul navigate through a labyrinth of relationships to help him discover his place and ultimately their place in life. Perhaps they will find that truth lies in their lost state and that they have no permanent self, only to discover their souls are part of an ever-changing entity.”

Frankly I didn’t understand the storyline very well, and the card we were handed that served as a program listed 8 different dances or sections choreographed by 8 different choreographers with music by Four Tet, Fight Mannequins and Paul de Jong. I couldn’t figure out when one dance ended and the next one began.

Souls featured several different musical compositions and styles – some jazzy, some bouncy, some fast, some slow, some rhythmic, and some toe-tapping. But what was most important and most impressive is that all of the different styles all worked well together  – and they all meshed into a gorgeous exhibition of joy, energy, beautiful dancing, and teamwork.

Julius Elegido was sensational moving and dancing and sliding and rolling on and around the stage with his equally talented and enthusiastic fellow bundles of energy – Claire Brunette, Shelly Hartsook,  Jenn Ruhl Kubilus, Laura Lamp, Michelle Murgia, Monica Murgia, Tyree Ramos, Ashley Ruhl, and Joy Thomas.

I walked out of The Gala Hispanic Theatre with a wide smile. What a great way to start this year’s Capital Fringe Festival.

These dancers and this show have soul!


Meet the dancers ofSouls.

For more information on the show and to purchase tickets, read a Fringe Preview of Souls.

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