Capital Fringe Festival Review: ‘The Nita and Zita Show’ by Joel Markowitz

‘Please Sir, I want some more!!”

That’s how I felt when abruptly The Nita and Zita Show’ ended after only 27 minutes of fun and gorgeous playing by three superb musicians. Frankly, I was dumbfounded. Later that evening I received an email from the show alerting me that the show was indeed cut short because they were putting in two new songs. Why couldn’t they have just put them in then? I would have enjoyed watching them trying it out.

Well, if I can get these other 110 Capital Fringe reviews up on DC Metro Theater Arts and free up some time I will go back to Gala Hispanic Theatre (where they need to fix the air conditioning -PLEASE!) and watch the ‘updated’ show.

And for those incredible musicians – here they are: Richard Nunno on accordion, Andrea Vercoon on violin and viloa, and the multi-talented Daveed Korup, who is also the music director and one of the most exceptional percussionists I have ever had the pleasure of watching.  Kudos to the three of you! Their opening of Brahms’ “Hungarian Dance #5” was fantastic and toe-tapping, and their jazzy renditions of “Black and Blue” and “I Wish I Could Shimmy Like My Sister’ were gorgeous.

And what’s the show about? It’s about two sisters -and the story is true – of  Flora and Piroska Gellert, who left their native Hungary for a life as ‘Nita And Zita’, and who became vaudeville stars, in the 920s-1940s.

“This is a love letter to them, and many great women who created American Dance.”

And then there is Louise Fuller, who became a big star in France and who was well known for her Fluffy dresses. You can see her perform in our Fringe Preview below. Also joining them in the show is Lola Montez w famous Spanish dancer.

Audrey Elizabeth is the producer, choreographer, costumer (the costumes are gorgeous), and dancer. Joining her are Elena Faye and Jenny Giraldi, all wonderful dancers.

When the ‘act’ is all ready and updated – let me know. I liked what I saw and want to see more and I probably will amend my rating.


For more information on the show and to purchase tickets, see our Fringe Preview.



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