Capital Fringe Review: ‘Domino’s Pizza Saved My Life’ by Sydney- Chanele Dawkins

The art of oral storytelling is a dying one. The natural grace and easy that monologist Dylan Fresco has sharing the intimate details of his personal life, and the heartaches and triumphs of his family history with an audience of complete strangers,  is truly a gift.  Domino’s Pizza Saved My Life, Fresco’s latest solo show is making it’s first appearance in the DC metro area at Goethe Institut – Main Stage as a part of the Capital Fringe Festival, after being a sold-out hit at the Minnesota Fringe Festival – the nation’s largest, for the last two years. The assured confidence and skill that Fresco entranced the audience as he shared his biographical yearnings is touching, comforting, and pleasantly, amusing.

Dylan Fresco.

The show begins in the dark. Little is seen but a dim spotlight in the center floor, but we hear the beautiful strumming of guitar setting the mood and filling the room with romantic Russian folk music. Enter, Dylan Fresco, as he begins to sing in Russian. He tells the audience that he is not from Russia, but his family who left in in late 1800’s is … And so begins the journey of self-discovery as Fresco, a Jewish boy growing up in New York, explores the intriguing tales of family lore, summer camp, and his personal encounters with global events.

I laughed, I sighed, and came close to the brink of tears in this 60 minutes of authoritative, emotional reflection. The honesty, and passion of Fresco’s odes connected by moments of uplifting song and guitar gave me everything I look for in a fulfilling, unique Fringe experience.

How Domino’s Pizza saved his life, motivated change, and deepened his outlook on the world is just one of the funny, heartfelt stories you will take away with you in this soulful, mesmerizing performance from a natural born storyteller.

Dominoes Pizza Saved My Life is a rare treat of personal nostalgia, song, and wit. It’s so good, I want another slice. This is one Fringe show you don’t want to miss!

Four shows remain you to get your piece of the pie!

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