Capital Fringe Review: ‘Redial’ by Veronique MacRae

Endearing, enlightening and informative, Tamar Kummel’s Redial takes an in-depth look at the internal journey of four actresses living in the ‘Big Apple.’ With the use of a minimalist set and theater-in-the-round seating, Director Jonathan Zuck creates an atmosphere in which the audience is allowed to enter into the personal, private and sometimes provocative thoughts of Jill (Catherine Frels), Talia (Shelby Rose), Dominique (Christine Asero), and Casey (Jennifer Osborn).

While the pacing, timing, and delivery of the show needs some improvement, the overall production provides an essential message for viewers of all backgrounds. Classified as a comedy, and rightly so, playwright Tamar Kummel provides a genuine and slightly disquieting reality of the tortured soul of an artist who desires to live out their passion while attempting to attain, maintain, and sustain a ‘normal’ life. Each woman experiences a purgative and transformative moment as they reach a crossroads that presents the opportunity to fully embrace oneself, find release from people and situations that hinder progressive movement and ultimately embark on a path that is hopeful despite its challenges.

Though the common thread between each character is their profession and their excessive need for therapy, the universal theme for observers of this production is the search for balance, passion and joy in life. For the artist and the artist at heart, this production reminds us all that nourishment for the mind, body and soul is essential and as spoken by Talia,“affection, food and sleep could be the key to life.”


For more information and to purchase tickets. go to Redial’s Capital Fringe show page.



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