Capital Fringe Review: ‘Wild Night: A Choose Your Own Burlesque Adventure Show’ by Carolyn Kelemen

Make it a wild night at the burlesque

Here’s a suggestion before you take on a late night “Tilted Torch” show at the Warehouse. Spend some time (and definitely imbibe some bubbly) at the outside tavern adjacent to the DC Fringe Festival Headquarter, a few doors down on New York Avenue. We did last night and enjoyed the pre-show festivities, i.e. an impromptu karaoke show with Festival performers and some wild dancing in and around the stage doors. The festive atmosphere carried over to Wild Night: A Choose Your Own Burlesque Adventure, where just about anything can happen at any time. And did.

Miss Joule and Malibu. Photo by Dale Ghent.

Here is a show that demands much from its audience like contributing to the script, jumping onto the stage, reading children’s stories, and deciding how that all plays out on the stage. Oh what fun – especially for the younger-yet-over-21 folks in the audience who looked as if they had been celebrating long before the 10:30 p.m. curtain.

We caught the premiere of Wild Night in Baltimore last year, but much has changed since last October. Slick, sensuous and strutty, Miss Joule and Malibu, the gals behind Tilted Torch, one decked out in spangled red, white, and blue and the other in a risque outfit that befits burlesque, exude fun.

With its fusion of exotic dance, crazy characters, and non-stop entertainment, it’s a’ Must See’ show for those who are willing to give up their inhibitions easily.


For more information on the show and to purchase tickets, go to our Fringe Preview.



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