Capital Fringe Review: ‘Why So Serious?’ By Derek Mong

Fringe Review: Why So Serious? Comedy Exposes Society’s Stern Outlook on Life

Why So Serious?: Comedy Exposes Society’s Stern Outlook on Life features Trevor Joyner in his debut performance at the Fringe. Told in a series of hilarious sequences that toe the line between stream-of-consciousness, conversation, self-reflection and stand-up comedy, Joyner shares stories about his own upbringing and his unique perspective on how important it is to take a step back and simplify. Joyner expertly strings together his musings on myriad topics ranging from Animal Planet to Magic Johnson and delivers a memorable performance that is sure to have you laughing by the time he’s finished.

Trevor Joyner.

The core message of the show is simple—take a breather and relax—but Joyner’s comedic precision and relatable stories make it a welcome change from the often wild and distant character of the Fringe.

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