Capital Fringe Review: ‘James Judd’s Funny Stories’ by Julia L. Exline

I’m not sure I have ever laughed that hard in my whole life!

That being said, James Judd’s Funny Stories is an absolute Fringe must-see! Are you looking for something deep? Something that makes you re-evaluate your life, our culture, the world? An epiphany? Well, go somewhere else for that, and then come back for some hilarious, true anecdotes that will have you gasping for air. Judd takes us through a collection of stories, including a tipsy trip to the opera, a clumsy camel ride, and a shark-tank experience that is so outlandish and unbelievable that it simply cannot be made up!

While wonderful enough on their own, Judd’s bold, charismatic stage-presence makes the stories that much more enjoyable. A table sits aside that has a bottle of water sitting on it—and also three martinis, which, by the end of the show, are all gone (the water? untouched.). Says Judd, “I created a Fringe show that I wanted to see—coincidentally, it’s all about me.” I’ll drink to that.

 James Judd’s Funny Stories information and showtimes.



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