Capital Fringe Review: ‘Inanimate Thoughts’ by Joel Markowitz

MashUp Contemporary Dance Company presented an energy-filled Inanimate Thoughts tonight at Gala Hispanic Theatre – the perfect venue to showcase the beautiful and breathtaking talents of its group of dancers: Noel Arreola, Katie Baines, Emily Brown, Sara Carter, Kristen Kelker, Lindley Mayer, Nicole McMaster, Katie Reese, Ashley Rogers, Angel Tyson, and Pam Wellington. With stunning choreography by Victoria Brown and Sarah Rodenhouse, who also directed the show, the emotion and love for dance that I saw on the stage was infectious.

Inanimate Thoughts is described as an “emotionally powerful and visually stimulating show from L.A.’s MashUp Dance Company digs into what makes us humans, while also analyzing objects, or beings, that lack the same human perception. See what transpires when these two paradoxical ideas come together.”

The show is a multi-media event and looks fantastic -beautiful lighting, costumes, clear and crisp sound, and a creative but simple design. (I don’t want to give it all away so come see the show and find out for yourself, but suffice to say you get your money’s worth here).

Gyrating, twisting, sliding on the stage, kicking high and doing full and semi splits – these ‘athletes’ present a MashUp of dance, the jaw-dropping athletic skills of its dancers, and different styles of dance: ballet, modern dance, and every kind of dance imaginable. Some of the ‘moves’ reminded me of high-kicking choreography I have seen recently on the Broadway stage. The dances are ‘hot’ and sensual and beautiful. I especially liked the full company’s ‘Hanging On’ and ‘The Fox.’

What a great way to end my Fringe Festival reviewing – at Gala Hispanic Theatre – a hidden gem in Columbia Heights – where I began my Fringe experience this year with another dance production called Souls. Not attending many dance events and productions before this Fringe, I have grown to appreciate the effort and creativity of dancers and the choreographers who create the magic we see on the stage. I have also increased my admiration for the camaraderie shown by the dancers as they work together to become ‘one.’

I hope you will come to see Inanimate Thoughts. It’s worth the trip. It will leave you breathless and cheering! It’s hot and sensual. These dancers are on fire!


For more information about the show and to purchase tickets, click here.

An interview with MashUp’s Sarah Rodenhouse.

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