DC Metro Theater Arts Reviews All 134 Capital Fringe Shows

Last night DC Metro Theater Arts completed its goal of reviewing all 134 shows in The Capital Fringe Festival. It is a major accomplishment for our site and it coincided with the 5th month anniversary of the launch of DCMTA.

I’d like to personally thank all of the 30 DCMTA Fringe reviewers:

Andrew L. Baughman
Roz Campion
Mariya Danilenko
Pat Davis
Sydney-Chanele Dawkins
Cyle Durkee
Julia L. Exline
Jennifer Georgia
Amanda Gunther
Ally Jenkins
Tzvi Kahn
Lauren Katz
Carolyn Kelemen
Grace Kim
Erica Laxson
Veronique MacRae
Joel Markowitz
Natalie McCabe
Layla McCay
Don Michael Mendoza
Kim Moeller
Derek Mong
Connie Morris
Jennifer Perry
Doug Poms
Francine Schwartz
Mike Spain
Anne Tsang
Jessica Vaughan
Amanda Vicari

You can view all of the Capital Fringe reviews here and here. Feel free to leave a comment and tell our readers what you thought about the shows in the festival.

Read the Preview Articles written by The Capital Fringe participants under the Fringe chart here.

Thanks for following our Capital Fringe Festival coverage on DCMTA, and we invite you to become daily readers of our site.


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One Response to DC Metro Theater Arts Reviews All 134 Capital Fringe Shows

  1. Susanne Pinedo July 26, 2012 at 1:28 am #

    Dear Joel & the DCMTA Team,

    Thank you so much for all of your extraordinary efforts to review, cover and promote Cap Fringe and all of our shows! We truly appreciate all of your magnificent support!

    Susanne Pinedo & the Right to Remain Team