‘The Rocky Horror Show’ at Washington Savoyards by Erica Laxson

Look out DC, Washington Savoyards presentation of The Rocky Horror Show is here just in time for Halloween and is sure to make you scream! Director Jay D. Brock delivers the laugh-a-minute show and meets every traditional expectation with help from choreographer Christen Svingos. Flirty costumes and perfectly pitched pipes belting out familiar songs will have you on your feet in no time. Come prepared to participate with your favorite one liners, yell a hearty dose of ‘Asshole’ and ‘Slut,’ and even purchase your goodie bag full of fun props for the ultimate interactive transsexual experience.

Tim Rogan (Rocky) and Ryan Patrick Welsh (Dr. Frank N. Furter). Photo by Jeff Malet Photography.

No The Rocky Horror Show is perfect without a fabulous Dr. Frank N. Furter and Ryan Patrick Welsh has done his predecessors proud. Welsh dazzles with his incredible vocals, commanded the stage at every moment, and turns heads in the classic laced upped outfits. Get to the theater a little early and snag a seat in the front row for an even more interactive evening. Welsh nails his versions of ‘Sweet Transvestite’ ‘Planet, Schmanet, Janet’ and ‘Don’t Dream it, Be it’ and he is truly a dream come true in fishnets.

Chad W. Fornwalt (Brad Majors) and Ali Hoxie (Janet Weiss) play their parts to a T. Sweet and naive, Fornwalt and Hoxie know how to work their virgin charm for more than a few laughs. From start to finish the audience made the most of their opportunity to dump insults on Brad (“Asshole!”) and Janet (“Slut!”) and no show would be complete without their truly stirring shadowy sex scenes. Hoxie sparkles in the sultry ‘Touch-A, Touch-A, Touch Me’ and Fornwalt is perfectly pathetic during his solo, ‘Once In A While.’

John Loughney (Riff Raff) and Autumn Seavey (Magenta) harmonize, both vocally and verbally. Loughney is two-parts creepy assistant, one-part sarcastic roommate and just a dash of diva, while Seavey hits all the right notes as sexy assistant gone rogue. The dynamic duo hits their peak during the brilliantly choreographed ‘Time Warp’ and continue their creative momentum for the rest of the evening.

Kelly Craige (Columbia) is sweet, sexy, and in possession of a seriously smooth voice. Perfect at playing both the petulant child and the doxy with an agenda, Craige wows whether shes is in the spotlight or making the most of her small moments. High points include “Time Warp,” “Eddie’s Teddy,” and “Rose Tint My World,” but she shines every moment she’s on stage.

Chip Hewitt (Eddie/Dr. Scott) hit his mark, and most of his high notes, and Tim Rogan is a hunky Rocky with a great singing voice. Phantoms Aaren Keith, Kayleigh Marie, Danny Tippet, and Caroline Wolfson step ball charge their way across the stage, around the audience, and throughout every scene with a little pop of color and some fantastic moves. The palpable cast chemistry is responsible for every laugh and uncontrollable audience outburst.

Costume Designer Cheryl Patton Wu created some truly unique outfits and color combinations, but unfortunately the inferior wigs were unbelievably distracting from the magic of the show. Scenic Designer Elizabeth Jenkins McFadden is a master of small stage sets and it shows. The two level set was creatively designed and perfectly executed in the intimate space.

Chad W. Fornwalt (Brad Majors), Ali Hoxie (Janet Weiss), and John Loughney (Riff Raff). Photo by Jeff Malet Photography.

Head down to H Street and The Atlas and pop your Rocky Horror cherry with this 5- star production before the show closes. Dammit!

The Rocky Horror Show runs through November 4, 2012 at The Atlas Performing Arts Center – 1333 H Street NE, in  Washington, DC. For tickets, call (202) 399-7993, or order them online.

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