‘They’re the Altar Boyz’ Part Six: Meet Jonathan Walker by Joel Markowitz

Here is Part 6 of our series of behind the scenes interviews with the director and cast of 1st Stage’s Altar Boyz. Now, meet Jonathan Walker.

Jonathan Walker. Photo courtesy of 1st Stage.

Jonathan: My name is Jonathan Walker and to be honest, I have very little theatre experience aside from being Anxious in West Side Story in high school haha.

Joel: Where did you get your theatre/vocal training?

For theatre, I just mimicked all my favorite actors and voices I admired. I used a certain actor’s personality for each emotion to “study.” Vocal wise, training was from all the choir I did from kindergarten until the end of high school. I didn’t discover the voice I have now until after school when I started learning about new techniques from videos and constant singing.

Why did you want to appear in 1st Stage’s production of Altar Boyz?

I was told about Altar Boyz by my brother, whom is also a performer, and the idea of being in a boy band was the greatest thing ever to me. I still listen to N’sync everyday (seriously)

Have you seen the show before and have you appeared in Altar Boyz before?

No I have not.

Introduce us to your role and how you relate to the person you are playing?

I am playing the role of Juan, the Hispanic member who is looking for his parents. I think I relate cause I get so many different ethnicities, mostly Spanish, yet I am not any of them. I feel if I were a boy band member, I would be somewhat like him cause let’s be honest: singing, dancing, crazy outfits, and girls……….yea perfect!!

What is Altar Boyz about from Juan’s point of view?

The Altar Boyz to Juan are the family that took him in and as the tour goes on, the family he knows will always be there for him. Through the struggles of finding his real parents, the other members are there for him each step of the way, like real brothers would do.

Have any of you worked together before?

I have not worked with any of this cast before.

How did you prepare for your role?

I watched Puss N’ Boots and The Mask of Zorro. I think Antonio Banderas is an excellent example of how to portray a Spanish casanova!

What have been some of the challenges you have had preparing for your role and rehearsing?

One would have to be rapping. I understand how the flow goes and I have good rhythm, but when you put rapping on sheet music, my mind goes blank. Some of the dance steps are extremely fast so I must take some time after learning them to overview

What is the most vocally challenging song for you in the show?

“Epiphany” – the last note is all I can say.

Why do you think Altar Boyz is so popular all around the world?

The idea of the show is genius!! Throughout every generation, there were boy bands that captured the hearts of millions and are iconic in the lives of many. Playing off of that and the obvious stereotypical boy band ideals, the show is made out to be a hit!!

Why should DC theatregoers come and see you in Altar Boyz?

Because Altar Boyzis going to be a phenomenal show for everyone and face it – who doesn’t want to see five guys serenading a crowd with beautiful harmonies and exciting them with extraordinary dance moves?

The Altar Boyz are jumping for joy beginning November 23, 2012 at 1st Stage in Tysons! (L-R) Jonathan Walker (Juan), Ted Nagel (Mark), Zack Powell (Abe), BJ Gruber (Matthew), and Derek Tatum (Luke).

Altar Boyz plays from November 23, 2012 through December 30, 2012 at 1st Stage – 1524 Spring Hill Road, in McLean, VA. Purchase tickets online.

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