DCMTA’S “Favorite Quotes From Our Favorite Shows of the Week” – November 22-29, 2012 by Joel Markowitz

Here’s something new on DCMetroTheaterArts! Every Friday, I will be posting my favorite quotes from our 5-star reviews of the week. Here we go!

(1) Dreamgirls at Signature Theatre.

Andrew L. Baughman: “You’re gonna love me,” wails Nova Y. Payton as cast-off lead singer Effie White in the showstopper Act I finale of Signature’s Dreamgirls. Payton makes good on her promise: I do love her. In fact, I love the entire cast of this phenomenal production.”

(2) A Midsummer Night’s Dream at Shakespeare Theatre Company.

Grace Kim: “Whether you are a seasoned expert to Shakespeare or fresh newbie to his works, Shakespeare Theatre Company’s production of A Midsummer Night’s Dream is divinely entertaining and a magnificent show to see.”

(3) A Christmas Carol at Toby’s Dinner Theatre of Columbia.

Amanda Gunther: “[David-Bosley] Reynolds brings a raw humanity to the character, becoming fully enlightened and a truly changed man by the end of the production; his transformation from humbugging miser to a joyful man is thoroughly moving and nearly brought me to tears. A more perfect Scrooge you will not find anywhere else this holiday season.”

(4) The Night Before Christmas at Theater Alliance.

Flora Scott: “Christmas, like life, nurtures a heartbreaking underbelly that Theater Alliance’s The Night Before Christmas exploits and I, for one, found it very comforting.”

(5) Mame at Spotlighters.

Amanda Gunther: “Plucking out an off-color character in a house of nuts is easier than you think with Agnes Gooch (Allie Dreskin). Playing the whiny obnoxious none-too-sure of herself nanny turned housemaid, Dreskin falls into her own with boisterously shrieked peals of laughter that could easily equate her with a deranged hyena. Her voice is quite lyrical, as proven early in the show during “St. Bridget.” But when she breaks out the belt for “Gooch’s Song” Dreskin manages to maintain the musical integrity of the number while still adhering to the insufferable mousy little character she’s created.”

(6) The Nutcracker at The Puppet Co.

Julia L. Exline: “Simply put, if this production cannot get you into the Christmas spirit, then nothing can. With life-sized puppets, splendid effects, and a beautiful score, The Puppet Co.’s The Nutcracker is extremely enjoyable for people of all ages. If your family is only seeing one show this holiday season, then make it The Puppet Co.’s The Nutcracker.”

(7) The Commedia Puss in Boots at Maryland Ensemble Theatre.

Mike Spain: “The Commedia Puss in Boots is full of action and comedy. At the end of the play my daughter told me, “I love this play!” It is easy to see why she loved it…MET’s The Commedia Puss in Boots is the ‘purr-fect’ cat-tale for all ages. Both grown ups and children will have a lot of fun watching it.”

(8) Million Dollar Quartet at Hippodrome Theatre.

Amanda Gunther: “Goodness gracious great balls of fire! One night. Sun Records studio. And the four great legends of music — December 4, 1956 brought together ‘The King of Rock ‘n’ Roll,’ ‘The Man in Black,’ ‘The Father of Rockabilly,’ and ‘The Killer’ for one incredible impromptu jam session the likes of which the world will never forget.”

(9) Tap Dogs at The Music Center at Strathmore

Jessica Vaughan: “Six guys on a stage in steel coated boots bring the most mundane, hilarious things in life with serious tap dancing skill.  If you go, get ready to be wowed. Literally, all night I kept saying, “Wow!”

(10) Burlesque + Belly Laughs at FallFringe

Cyle Durkee: “But my hat goes off to Cherie Sweetbottom. Her version of Michael Jackson’s “Bad” finishes the night. She performs it as a burlesque version of the “Honey Badger” (cuz honey badger doesn’t care, honey badger doesn’t give a s%#t). I lost it completely when she started eating the cobra. Definitely go see this show if you can! It’s great. Unless you don’t like girls taking their clothes off. Or laughing. But if you don’t like either of those things, you’re probably not reading my reviews anyway (so there it is).”

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