2013 Fringe Reviews

2013 Fringe

1814! The War of 1812 Rock OperaRock 1814 Productions7/11-26   Musical Theatre & OperaFort Fringe – Baldacchino Gypsy Tent Bar-70 minutesKeith Tittermary 
21 KingTrue Wit Productions7/11-7/28 DramaGoethe Institut – Gallery-70 minutesJulia Exline TWO STARS
43 and a 1/2: The Greatest Deaths of Shakespeare’s TragediesNu Sass Productions7/13-28 ComedyFort Fringe – Redrum-80 minutesNicole Cusick 
A Commedia Romeo and JulietFaction of Fools Theatre Company7/11-7/28 ComedyFort Fringe – The Shop-60 minutesJessica Vaughan Thurs 7/11@6pm FOUR AND A HALF STARS
A Day in the Life of Miss HiccupShoshinz7/19-28 ComedyFort Fringe – Bedroom-50 minutesMax Johnson 
A Guide to Dancing NakedBrynn Tucker7/13-7/27 Dance & Physical TheatreGearbox-60 minutesBev Fleisher 
A Killing Gamedog & pony dc7/11-28 ComedyWoolly Mammoth Theatre Company’s Melton Rehearsal Hall-90 minutesRick Westerkamp FIVE STARS 82x15 (1)
Almost TogetherMary Leaphart7/12-28   Musical Theatre & OperaCaos on F-65 minutesTzvi Kahn FOUR AND A HALF STARS
ApotheosisAvalanche Theatre Company7/13-28   DramaFort Fringe – The Shop-60 minutesChristina Frank THREE AND A HALF STARS
Apples & OrangesMO2 Productions7/13-24 ComedyThe Gilbert C. Eastman Studio Theatre-80 minutesJoel Markowitz THREE AND A HALF STARS
Arlington National Cemetery: My Forever HomeEllouise Schoettler7/11-26   DramaGoethe Institut – Main Stage-65 minutesLeslie Weisman 
Bayou BluesShaina Lynn7/16-27   DramaJin Lounge-60 minutesMax Johnson FOUR STARS
Bedroom MirrorsFortune Cookie Collective7/13-27   DramaFort Fringe – Bedroom-70 minutesHoward Lee Levine FOUR AND A HALF STARS
BenchMARKSProject E/C7/12-7/21 DramaGoethe Institut – Gallery-60 minutesMarlene Hall FOUR STARS
Big River (and Other Wayfaring Ballets)MOVEiUS Contemporary Ballet7/12-27   Dance & Physical TheatreGALA Theatre at Tivoli Square-60 minutesRick Westerkamp 
Body ArmorUnstrung Harpist Productions7/13-28   DramaGearbox-90 minutesTobias Franzén THREE STARS
Bowen McCauley Dance presents: From the Ground UpBowen McCauley Dance7/27@7:45pm & 7/28@2pm Dance & Physical TheatreGALA Theatre at Tivoli Square-30 minutesJoel Markowitz 
BullyLee J. Kaplan7/12-20   DramaGearbox-60 minutesLeslie Weisman 
Cabaret XXXY: Who Do You Think You Are?Pinky Swear Productions7/12-28   Musical Theatre & OperaFort Fringe – Baldacchino Gypsy Tent Bar-75 minutesKeith Tittermary 
Carry a Big StickBull Moose Theatre7/11-27 ComedyWarehouse-90 minutesErica Laxson THREE AND A HALF STARS
Crime Buster Blast-Off 300The Bradford Güild7/12-28 ComedyGearbox-70 minutesJustin Schneider TWO STARS
Dance of the Wasp and SpiderOut-Side the Box Theatre7/13-7/27 DramaMountain – at Mount Vernon-90 minutesEric Denver 
Dark HouseTarpley Long7/11-27   DramaFort Fringe – Redrum-75 minutesFlora Scott THREE STARS
Dementia Melodies: “It Ain’t Over Til It’s Over”Steve Little Events7/11-7/25 Musical Theatre & OperaCaos on F-60 minutesBev FleisherFIVE STARS 82x15 (1)
Detective Pimbley and the Case of the Rich Dead LadyThe Impressionable Players7/13-28 ComedyFort Fringe – Redrum-75 minutesMaddie Gaw FOUR AND A HALF STARS
Disco Jesus and the Apostles of FunkDisco Jesus Productions7/13-27  Musical Theatre & OperaFort Fringe – Baldacchino Gypsy Tent Bar-75 minutesAmanda Gunther FOUR STARS
Double FreakquencyAVAdventure Productions7/11-27   Dance & Physical TheatreStudio Theatre – Stage 4-60 minutesJustin Schneider THREE STARS
Eve’s Big Fat Family ReunionLoNotes Music7/13-27   Musical Theatre & OperaFort Fringe-80 minutesLauren Katz 
CANCELLED Everything I DoMK Productions7/21-27  Musical Theatre & OperaMountain – at Mount Vernon United Methodist Church-90 minutes CANCELLED
FallbeilField Trip Theatre7/12-27   DramaMountain – at Mount Vernon United Methodist Church-90 minutesJR Russ 
Fireball XLLumina Studio Theatre7/12-27 ComedyWarehouse-55 minutesJustin Schneider FOUR AND A HALF STARS
Fish Outta WaterRon Litman7/12-26 ComedyWarehouse-60 minutesFlora Scott FOUR AND A HALF STARS
Four WomenWild Women Theatre7/16-27   DramaStudio Theatre – Stage 4-75 minutesNicole Cusick FOUR STARS
Funny Stories 2James Judd7/11-20 ComedyCaos on F-60 minutesBev Fleisher FIVE STARS 82x15 (1)
Godiva Dates & One Night StandsDoorway Arts Ensemble7/13-28   DramaCaos on F-60 minutesChristina Frank 
H Street HousewivesA Jenny Splitter Production7/14-26 ComedyFort Fringe – Redrum-70 minutesLauren Katz 
Haute MessThe Landless Theatre Company7/14-27 ComedyFort Fringe – Redrum-60 minutesAmanda Gunther 
heady collectablesDeep Vision Dance Company7/11-28   Dance & Physical TheatreGALA Theatre at Tivoli Square-60 minutesCarolyn Kelemen 
Hello, You Assholes!Dan Sperling7/13-27  Musical Theatre & OperaFort Fringe – The Shop-90 minutesTerry Byrne FOUR AND A HALF STARS
How to be a TerroristJimmy Grzelak7/11-20 ComedyFort Fringe – Bedroom-55 minutesMariya Danilenko 
How To Have It All: The MusicalFully Charged productions7/13-25  ComedyFort Fringe – The Shop-60 minutesTerry Byrne FOUR STARS
I tried to be normal once, it didn’t take.Stephanie Svec7/13-27 ComedyCaos on F-45 minutesJenna Miller FOUR STARS
iLust for G-Love: An Auto-EthnographyCity Lights7/16-27   ComedyGoethe Institut – Main Stage-75 minutesAnne Tsang 
Impossible to Translate but I’ll Try – True-Life Israeli StoriesNoa Baum7/13-28 ComedyGoethe Institut – Main Stage-75 minutesJR Russ 
In Search of the Perfect G-StringG String Productions7/13-28   DramaCaos on F-60 minutesKeith Tittermary 
Jonah DoveFreedom of Information Actors7/13-28   DramaGoethe Institut – Gallery-90 minutesJR Russ 
Kids in SpaceKaleidoscope Theatre Company7/13-27 ComedyGoethe Institut – Gallery-50 minutesAmanda Gunther THREE AND A HALF STARS
(Kountrykid) & AfterwordsKevin Boggs7/13-27 ComedyWarehouse-75 minutes JR Russ 
KubrilesqueCherry Kiss Productions7/11-27   Dance & Physical TheatreGALA Theatre at Tivoli Square-75 minutesYvonne French THREE AND A HALF STARS
La Voce To MePace Productions 7/11-27  DramaGoethe Institut -Gallery-75 minutesJulia Exline FOUR AND A HALF STARS
Last Train to NibrocHomeward Theatre7/13-28   DramaFort Fringe – Bedroom-80 minutesEric DenverFOUR STARS
Legal TenderSanctuary Theatre’s Performing Knowledge Project7/13-27 ComedyGearbox-60 minutesTzvi Kahn THREE STARS
LoreWashington Improv Theater7/11-27 ComedySource-70 minutesJessica Vaughan FOUR AND A HALF STARS
LOVE, NYLa-Ti-Do7/13-26  Musical Theatre & OperaMountain – at Mount Vernon United Methodist Church-80 minutes Tobias Franzén 
Lysistrata 1969The Rude Mechanicals7/13-26  ComedyGALA Theatre at Tivoli Square-60 minutesJessica Vaughan 
Madam AmbassadorDuke Ryan7/11-27 ComedyFort Fringe – The Shop-90 minutesCarolyn Kelemen FOUR STARS
Mark Twain’s Riverboat Extravaganza!Pointless Theatre7/12-27   Dance & Physical TheatreStudio Theatre – Stage 4-75 minutesMaddie Gaw FIVE STARS 82x15 (1)
Married SexLaura Zam Enterprises7/12-27 ComedyFort Fringe – Bedroom-75 minutesSydney-Chanele Dawkins FOUR STARS
MarshaAlan Harris7/12-20   DramaFort Fringe – Bedroom-50 minutesMike Spain FOUR AND A HALF STARS
McPherson MadnessRabble Crew Productions7/13-27   DramaStudio Theatre – Stage 4-75 minutesMaddie Gaw FOUR AND A HALF STARS
MirabiliaEclectic Mayhem Productions7/12-27 ComedyFort Fringe – Redrum-60 minutesMaddie Gaw FOUR STARS
Misconception: The Lost Gospel of ChristmasLe Chat Noir7/13-7/21 Musical Theatre & OperaStudio Theatre – Stage 4-75 minutesMaria Danilenko 
Mme. MacbethKing’s Players7/11-28   DramaFort Fringe – Redrum-85 minutesAnne Tsang 
MOTHSStephen Notes7/13-7/28 ComedyFort Fringe – Bedroom-60 minutesJustin Schneider THREE AND A HALF STARS
Murder on the Bare StageSiGiLPAL (Sui Generis Literary Performing Arts Lab)7/12-27   DramaCaos on F-60 minutesVeronique MacRae 
My Civil WarMichael Vitaly Sazonov7/17-28  Musical Theatre & OperaGALA Theatre at Tivoli Square-70 minutesMax Johnson TWO AND A HALF STARS
NephrectomyStaunch Theatre Company7/11-27 ComedyGearbox-60 minutesTzvi Kahn FOUR STARS
No Sex, PleaseDerek Hills7/12-28 ComedyGearbox-50 minutesJessica Vaughan FOUR STARS
OK Stupid’s Secret Math LabErin Bylander7/13-28 ComedyFort Fringe – Bedroom-60 minutesAndrew Baughman FOUR STARS
Old Time British Music HallThe British Players7/14-28  Musical Theatre, comedy & OperaStudio Theatre – Stage 4-60 minutesLauren Katz 
One Night in New York!Belle Époque Productions and the New Musical Foundation7/16-27  Musical Theatre & OperaGALA Theatre at Tivoli Square-75 minutesJoel Markowitz 
Our BoysThe Victorian Lyric Opera Company7/13-28 ComedyMountain – at Mount Vernon United Methodist Church-85 minutesLeslie Weisman FOUR AND A HALF STARS
Outside the WireJimi Stanton and Daniel Marcum7/11-20   DramaFort Fringe – Redrum-120 minutesPat Davis 
Patterns: A Numbers & Symbols ShowAstonishing Productions7/19-28   DramaGoethe Institut – Main Stage-60 minutesSydney-Chanele Dawkins FOUR AND A HALF STARS
Pitchin’ the Tent: Tia Nina Live at BaldacchinoTia Nina7/13-7/27 Dance & Physical TheatreFort Fringe – Baldacchino Gypsy Tent Bar-60 minutesRick Westerkamp 
Polaroid Stories by. Naomi IizukaBlind Pug Arts Collective7/21-27  Musical Theatre & OperaFort Fringe – The Shop-105 minutesBev Fleisher 
R.U.R. (Rossum’s Universal Robots)Naked Theatre Company7/11-27   DramaFort Fringe – The Shop-95 minutesGrace Kim THREE AND A HALF STARS
CANCELLED Random Access MemoryJoseph Price7/19-28   DramaGoethe Institut – Gallery-50 minutesCANCELLED
RecoveryLoretta Michael Productions7/11-18   DramaGoethe Institut – Gallery-75 minutesFlora Scott FOUR STARS
RFKNew City Stage Company7/13-25   DramaStudio Theatre – Stage 4-95 minutesJohn Stoltenberg 
Romeo & JulietWe Happy Few Productions7/14-24   DramaSource-90 minutesCarolyn Kelemen 
Rosemary with GingerTiger’s Blood Theater7/12-28   DramaFort Fringe – The Shop-30 minutesVeronique MacRae FOUR AND A HALF STARS
Sanka, Ya Dead Mon?Wild Rumpus Productions7/11-27  ComedyCaos on F-75 minutesBev Fleisher FOUR STARS
SapphireO & B Productions7/13-28   DramaWarehouse-90 minutesJulia Exline FOUR STARS
Sesquicentennial – The Civil War Remembered (Robert E. Lee) Sesquicentennial – The Civil War Remembered (Ulysses S. Grant)Storyteller “Country Joe” Rosie7/19-26   DramaCaos on F-60 minutesYvonne FrenchRobert E. Lee FOUR AND A HALF STARSUlysses S. Grant
Smellin’ Up the DenRed Knight Productions7/12-26 ComedyGoethe Institut – Gallery-60 minutesMike Spain 
Social Media ExpertJohn Krizel7/11-27   DramaGearbox-80 minutesNicole CusickFOUR STARS
Someone To Watch Over MeFederal Theatre Project7/12-27   DramaGoethe Institut – Gallery-60 minutesNicole Cusick TWO AND A HALF STARS
Songs From An Unmade BedThe Obscure Little Musical Theatre Company7/14-27  Musical Theatre & OperaFort Fringe – Bedroom-60 minutes Keith Tittermary FOUR AND A HALF STARS
STATUS – A Social Media ExperimentKathryn Elizabeth Kelly7/13-27 ComedyCaos on F-60 minutesJulia Exline FOUR STARS
CANCELLED Tea In The Slammer: A True StoryGeraldine Buckley7/13-7/25 DramaGoethe Institut – Main Stage-75 minutes CANCELLED
Tell-TaleGrain of Sand Theatre7/11-27   DramaFort Fringe Bedroom    -80 minutesErica Laxson 
Thank You for StaringPatrice Gerideau7/13-27   DramaGoethe Institut – Main Stage-75 minutesVeronique MacRae FOUR STARS
The Actual DanceThe Actual Dance LLC7/12-27   DramaFort Fringe – Bedroom-60 minutesMike Spain THREE AND A HALF STARS
The AfflictedThe Wandering Theatre Company7/16-21   Dance & Physical TheatreGALA Theatre at Tivoli Square-90 minutesAndrew Baughman THREE AND A HALF STARS
The Agony and the Ecstasy of Steve Jobs: The MusicalJunesong7/11-28  Musical Theatre & OperaMountain – at Mount Vernon United Methodist Church-90 minutesMaddie Gaw FOUR AND A HALF STARS
The Beheading of Sister Mary JasmineThe Shadow’s Breath Theatre Company7/13-28 ComedyThe Emergence Community Arts Collective, Studio 2-30 minutesMaddie Gaw 
The Black-Jew DialoguesMabel and Esther Productions7/11-18 ComedyGoethe Institut – Main Stage-75 minutesLeslie Weisman FOUR AND A HALF STARS
The Burlesque of BroadwayBurlesque Classique7/12-28 Dance & Physical TheatreFort Fringe – Baldacchino Gypsy Tent Bar-70 minutesNicole Cusick 
The Chronic Single’s HandbookRandy Ross7/19-27 ComedyGearbox-60 minutesJessica Vaughan THREE AND A HALF STARS
The ClocksNot A Robot Theatre Co7/12-28   DramaStudio Theatre – Stage 4-70 minutes  Grace Kim    

The Continuing Adventures of John Blade, Super SpyLive Action Theatre7/13-27 ComedyWarehouse-60 minutesTobias Franzén FOUR STARS
The Conversion of Thais the WhoreFarmatic Productions7/14-7/26  DramaFort Fringe – The Shop-30 minutesLauren Katz THREE STARS
The Crayon King, or Learning to ShareDC Character Coalition7/12-26  Musical Theatre & OperaMountain – at Mount Vernon United Methodist Church-75 minutes JR Russ 
The D.C. State Players present AgamemnonD.C. State Players7/12-27 ComedyGALA Theatre at Tivoli Square-75 minutesAndrew Baughman
The Deadly SevenTen14 Productions7/14-26   DramaWarehouse-70 minutesAmanda Gunther THREE STARS
The Elephant in My ClosetDavid Lee Nelson7/12-19 ComedyCaos on F-70 minutesLeslie Weisman FOUR STARS
The Encyclopedia Show DCThe Encyclopedia Show DC7/13-27 Comedy Warehouse-90 minutesEric DenverFOUR AND A HALF STARS
The Goddess DiariesBefana Factory7/14-24 ComedyMountain – at Mount Vernon United Methodist Church-75 minutesKim Moeller FOUR AND A HALF STARS
The Human AlgorithmEating an Elephant Productions7/12-28 ComedyCaos on F-60 minutesErica Laxson FOUR AND A HALF STARS
The PoliticianJohn Feffer7/12-28   DramaGoethe Institut – Main Stage-120 minutesFrancine Schwartz 
The Sensational Sans Sullivan Radio HourBeat on the Bard Theatre Company7/13-27  Musical Theatre & OperaMountain – at Mount Vernon United Methodist Church-75 minutesVeronique MacRae THREE AND A HALF STARS
The Shirt of HappinessInterAct Story Theatre7/14-28   Musical Theatre & OperaStudio Theatre – Stage 4-50 minutesLeslie Weisman 
The Snuff MusicalMuse Theatre Co. and Jay Lavely7/12-28  Musical Theatre & OperaFort Fringe – Redrum-90 minutesMaddie Gaw 
The Tragical Mirth of Marriage & Love: Short Scenes by Anton ChekovPallas Theatre Collective7/13-27 ComedyFort Fringe – The Shop-75 minutesChristina Frank FOUR STARS
CANCELLED The Yellow BoatYellow Boat Productions7/11-27    Dance & Physical TheatreGALA Theatre at Tivoli Square-75 minutesCANCELLED
The Young Olympians and the Most Amazingly Awesome Awesome Adventure Ever!Maryland Ensemble Theater7/11-27  Musical Theatre & OperaStudio Theatre – Stage 4-65 minutesHoward Lee LevineFOUR AND A HALF STARS
The Young Wife, by Katarzyna BrochockaUnmanned Stagecraft Productions7/14-28  Musical Theatre & OperaFort Fringe – Redrum-75 minutesTerry Byrne 
They Call Me Q! an award-winning one woman playQurrat Ann Kadwani7/18-21 ComedyGearbox-60 minutesCarolyn Kelemen 
Tickets to an EventBorealis Theatre7/13-28 ComedyThe Streets of Fringe-60 minutesNicole Cusick THREE AND A HALF STARS
To Know a VeilEmma Crane Jaster7/11-14   Dance & Physical TheatreWarehouse-120 minutesChristina Frank 
Tragedy AvertedAd Hoc Players7/14-28 ComedyFort Fringe – The Shop-70 minutesJulia Exline 
Underneath the LintelPatrick O’Brien7/23-28   DramaGoethe Institut – Main Stage-63 minutesMax Johnson 
Urban LegendsBeyond the Page Theatre Company of West Potomac High School7/12-28   DramaMountain – at Mount Vernon United Methodist Church-60 minutesJR Russ FIVE STARS 82x15 (1)
Violent Delights: A Shakespearean Brawl-esque SideshowOff the Quill7/12-26   Dance & Physical TheatreWarehouse-75 minutesJR RussFOUR STARS
Waiting for OrsonInstinct Theatre7/12-27   DramaFort Fringe – The Shop-75 minutesPat Davis THREE AND A HALF STARS
What It’s Like? One Veterans Tale of Addiction, Survival and PTSDMIANBA Productions7/14-27   DramaGoethe Institut – Main Stage-75 minutesKim Moeller THREE AND A HALF STARS
What’s in the BOX?!Burlesque & Belly Laughs7/11-27 ComedySource-90 minutesNicole Cusick  
WIGGERLOVER [whiteboy+blackdad=greyareas]James Anthony Zoccoli7/16-25 ComedyGearbox-60 minutesMax Johnson FOUR AND A HALF STARS
2013 Capital Fringe Festival Show Previews:
1814 The War of 1812 Rock Opera
43 and 1/2: The Greatest Deaths of Shakespeare’s Trageies
A Killing Game
The Actual Dance
The Agony and Ecstacy of Steve Jobs: The Musical
Almost Together
Apples and Oranges
Arlington National Cemetery My Forever Home
Bayou Blues
Big River (and Other Wayfaring Ballets)
The Black Jew Dialogues
Bowen McCauley Dance From the Ground Up
Body Armor
The Burlesque of Broadway
Carry a Big Stick
Carry a Big Stick-Interview with Catherine Aselford
The Chronic Single’s Handbook
The Continuing Adventures of John Blade, Super Spy
The Crayon King, Or Learning to Share
Crime Buster Blast-Off 3000
Dance of the Wasp and Spider
Dark House
The DC State Players Present Agamemnon
Dementia Melodies: It Ain’t Over ‘til It’s Over
Detective Pimbley and the Case of the Rich Dead Lady
Disco Jesus and the Apostles of Funk
Double Frequency
The Encyclopedia Show DC!
Eve’s Big Fat Family Reunion
Four Women
Funny Stories 2
Godiva Dates & One Night Friends
The Goddess Diaries
H Street Housewives
Haute Mess
heady collectables
How to Have it All: The Musical
Impossible to Translate But I’ll Try – True-Life Israeli Stories
In Search of the Perfect G-String
June 28, 2013 Fringe Preview
Kids in Space
La Voce to Me
Legal Tender
Love, NY
Madam Ambassador
Mark Twain’s Riverboat Extravaganza!
McPherson Madness
Misconception: The Lost Gospell of Christmas
Mme Macbeth
Murder on the Bare Stage
OK Stupid’s Secret Math Lab
Old Time Music Hall
One Night in New York!
Our Boys
Outside the Wire
Polaroid Stories
The Politician
Romeo and Juliet
Rosemary with Ginger
Sanka, Ya Dead Mon
Sesquicentennial – The Civil War Remembered
Smellin’ Up the Den!
The Snuff Musical
Someone to Watch Over Me
Thank You for Staring
They Call Me Q!
Tickets to an Event
To Know a Vail
Tragedy Averted
The Tragical Mirth of Marriage & Love: Short Scenes by Anton Chekhov
Urban Legends
Waiting for Orson
What’s In the Box?
What It’s Like? One Veterans Tale of Addiction, Survival and PTSD
The Young Wife
The Young Olympians & the Most Amazingly Awesome Adventure Ever!