DCMetroTheaterArts is One Year Old Today!

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DCMetroTheaterArts is one year old today. Thanks to all our readers for supporting and visiting our site. A special thank you to the theatre and arts communities who welcomed us and reached out to help us and support our efforts.

And to all the following DCMTA writers and staff and volunteers who helped make this site such a success – thanks so much for all your hard work and dedication!


Bruce Markowitz, Founder
Joel Markowitz, Publisher and Editor
Ronnie Ruff, Technical Consultant
Alex Murphy, Web Editor

Andrew L. Baughman
Mara Bayewitz
Bari Biern
Terry Byrne
Cate Brewer
Roz Campion
Simon Chin
Glenn Cook
Jane Coyne
Jessica Dall
Mariya Danilenko
Pat Davis
Sydney-Chanele Dawkins
Ellen Sharon Dempsey
Eric Denver
Mark Dewey
Tiffany Draut
Cyle Durkee
Teresa McCormick Ertel
Julia L. Exline
Yvonne French
David Friscic
Jennifer Georgia
Peter Grimm
Amanda Gunther
John Harding
Ally Jenkins
Tzvi Kahn
Lauren Katz
Carolyn Kelemen
Alexa Kelly
Grace Kim
Erica Laxson
ZSun-nee Matema
Veronique MacRae
Natalie McCabe
Dr. Layla McCay
Don Michael Mendoza
Kim Moeller
Derek Mong
Connie Morris
Ashunda Norris
Kevin O’Connell
Darlene Olsen
Dr. Cheryl Paulhus
Allie Parris
Jennifer Perry
Graham Pilato
Doug Poms
Katie Elizabeth Quinn
Teal Ruland
Justin Schneider
Francine Schwartz
Flora Scott
Breena Siegel
Mike Spain
Colleen Sproull
Judy Stadt
Audrey Thornton
Keith Tittermary
Anne Tsang
Miriam Urquhart
Jessica Vaughan
Amanda Vicari
Rick Westerkamp
Jordan Wright
Queen Charlotte “Lottie” Yard

Todd Clark, Contributing Videographer of TheDCPlace




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