Capital Fringe Review: ‘Social Media Expert’ by Nicole Cusick

Everyone makes fun of social media sites and how heightens superficiality in today’s society, yet a person is practically an outcast if they do not have a smart phone giving them constant access to all of their accounts.

sixteen (29)

Yet Social Media Experts, challenges those sites, specifically Twitter in a very fast paced, punny, and smart way.

Writer, director, and producer John Krizel had his hands with a cast of extremely sharp young actors who were ready to take on this piece. The cast included Chris Aldrich, Katie Ryan. Megan Westman, Zachary Fithian, Josh Benjamin, and is led by Nate Wolfson the self-proclaimed “Social Media Expert.”

He also used several different projections to incorporate different tech and actual twitter feeds that fit in perfectly with the theme of the show. Also this aided anyone in the audience that was not up to date on the Twitter lingo by laying it all out there so everyone was in on the jokes.

The play revolves around the scandal at Jingle Burger, when it is discovered there is horse meat in several of their products. David Klarman (Wolfson) is left to combat this public relations nightmare. Does social media save the day and Jingle Burger? Come to Social Media Expert to find in this smart new work.

Running Time: 80 minutes.

Social Media Expert plays through July 28, 2013 at the Gearbox -1021 7th Street. NW- 3rd floor, in Washington, DC. For performances and tickets information visit the show’s Capital Fringe page.


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