Capital Fringe Review: ‘Thank You for Staring’ by Veronique MacRae

The commonality of all people is life experience. Those experiences may be ones of celebration while other experiences are ones of struggle or challenge. Yet it is the challenges of life that cause us to come into the fullness of who we are designed to be. It is the personal story that connects us together as human beings. The personal story of triumph, love and self-acceptance pervades in Patrice Gerideau’s Thank You for Staring.

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Under the direction of Carol Cadby, Gerideau gives an authentic, transparent account of her real-life struggles with beauty, love, faith and acceptance as she takes viewers on a journey of her experience of living with vitiligo, an appearance altering disease that causes loss of pigmentation of the skin. By recounting her childhood experiences, times of abuse, feelings of abandonment, issues of beauty, challenges of faith and moments of breakthrough, Gerideau invites the audience to explore their own experiences, good, bad and ugly, as a stepping stone to finding one’s true self and loving one’s self, through it all.

Thank You for Staring plays through July 27, 2013 at Goethe Institut – Main Stage – 812 7th Street NW, in Washington, DC. For performance times and to purchase tickets, visit the show’s Capital Fringe Page.


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Veronique MacRae
Veronique LaShell MacRae is the Founder and Artistic Director of Act Trinity Performing Arts Company (THE ATPAC) based in North Carolina. A graduate of North Carolina Central University with a B.A. in Theatre Performance and Duke University with a Master of Arts in Christian Studies, Veronique’s most recent credits include the one-woman show “Self-Portrait of a Sinner”, excerpts from the one-woman show “Last Words to Baby Girl”, the lead in the Lamb to a Lion production of “Love, Life and Redemption in NYC”; playwright and director of the following shows: “Broken”, “My Brother David”, “Chocolate/Vanilla” (Off-Broadway and Tour); Sue Ellen in “Spreading the News” by Melodic Pictures of Los Angeles and background work in “Law and Order”. New to the Washington, DC area, Veronique will continue advanced studies on arts and theology in the fall of 2012. She looks forward to connecting with other artists and lovers of the arts during the 2012 Capital Fringe Festival.


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