‘Elvis Birthday Fight Club’ Video Interview as it Rolls Into GALA Hispanic Theatre Tomorrow Night at 8 & 10 PM by Lucrezia Blozia

I’m a count your blessings kinda gal. I get to do some really cool stuff over the course of the year – why last year I played both Maria Von Trapp in a live onstage R. Kelly video (suck it Carrie Underwood!) and Anna Wintour at Capital Fringe (suck it Meryl Streep!). One of my very favorite things though, if not my favorite, is Elvis Birthday Fight Club. For the past three years, for two evenings I drop my normal lady-like behavior and step into the ring and deliver some serious whoopass!

Elvis' Birthday Fight Club. Photo by Stereo Vision Photography.

Elvis’ Birthday Fight Club. Photo by Stereo Vision Photography.

This year things have moved uptown as Elvis Birthday Fight Club rolls into GALA Hispanic Theatre Tomorrow – Friday, January 3rd for two shows at 8:00 and 10:00 PM and one show on Saturday, January 4th at 8:00 PM at the Creative Alliance in Baltimore.

What better way to celebrate the “birth of the King” than flim-flam fisticuffs with various celebrities and cultural icons and Elvis-themed burlesque by local burly q superstars Reverend Valentine, Candy del Rio and Kay Sera? And what can you expect in the way of fisticuffs? Well I can’t reveal who’s fighting (first rule of fight club is you don’t talk about fight club, as is the second actually and the third involves drinking) but I can tell you some politicos will get pounded and trendy icons TKOed.

In the following video, we talked to two of the producers of Elvis Birthday Fight Club, Jared Davis and Jei Spatola. It’s adults talking about adult entertainment so there’s some slightly NSFW language.

For tickets or more information go to www.astropopevents.com

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