Meet the Cast of No Rules Theatre Company’s ‘Boeing Boeing’: Part 3: Jamie Smithson

In Part 3 of a series of interviews with the cast of No Rules Theatre Company’s production of Boeing Boeing, meet Jamie Smithson.

Jamie Smithson.

Jamie Smithson.

Joel: Where have you performed in the area recently?

I am new to the area! This is my second year here in DC/Balt. I first performed as the Cat in the Hat at Imagination Stage, and just this January I performed at Everyman Theatre in Crimes of the Heart as Barnette Lloyd.

How did you get involved in Boeing Boeing?

I have always been a fan on North Carolina School of the Arts where many of my close friends have gone. Knowing that Joshua Morgan and Matt Cowart, our director, went there really intrigued me. These artists out of this school approach the work in a very truthful and honest way. They are also extremely talented so I am honored to be in their company. I also have always loved this play, and the role of Robert. It is a play I have always wanted to do since it first came on my radar. I love comedy, I love to make people laugh, and this play is extremely funny.The writing and circumstances are just so good.

Introduce us to your character?

I play Robert Lambert-a man from Wisconsin who is just now trying to find out who he is. He loves things to be calm and he has a positive attitude in life. But he is lonely, and this trip to France, to see his old friend and a new place is the start of him becoming who he wants to be. I am soooo much like this character I have been single for three years so there is that. I also am not used to the way that Bernard lives his life. But it is exciting. I get to meet new people and am introduced to a whirlwind of a life.  I think I always look for this in my own life. I want to be able to tell stories when I am older. Your stories say a lot.

What’s your favorite scene in the show?

My favorite scene is still being discovered. I love them all. I love acting with these amazing people and discovering new things every day. Each scene is becoming special to me in its own way. My favorite line of the play is when I say “Its not impossible.” I think that this is the way Robert sees the world and something that my parents have always told me in my life. It is something that we should all wake up and say every day.

How would you describe Matt Cowart’s direction?

Matt is just an outstanding director. It starts with his positivity. In a farce you have to be specific about the comedy but it starts with playing.  You have to allow yourself to have fun and he gives you that feeling in the room. He allows for mistakes and for stupidity. He’s just a great person and that is where the amazing director should start. He also has a keen eye for comedy when approaching this play and character.

Jamie Smithson and Sarah Olmsted Thomas in 'Boeng Boeing.' Photo by Chris Maddaloni.

Jamie Smithson and Sarah Olmsted Thomas in ‘Boeng Boeing.’ Photo by Chris Maddaloni.

Have you ever been to Germany, France, or Italy?

I have never been outside of the country except on a cruise. I think this is part of the joy I have in playing this character. This play is in a sense to me going to another beautiful country for the first time. If anyone reading this would like to take me to Europe I look forward to that.

What do you want audiences to take with them after seeing you perform in Boeing Boeing?

I want them to have fun.  That is what this is about. I want them to leave laughing and talking about moments that made them lean forward holding their stomachs. But I also want them to get that through the truth of these characters and the story. In this play we all want love. That amazing feeling you get when you lock eyes with someone who is your soul mate. So if they hold the hand of the person next to them in the theatre, whether it be their loved one or just a stranger, that is what I want.  Well maybe just if you know them.

Boeing Boeing plays through June 29, 2014 at No Rules Theatre Company performing at Signature Theatre’s ARK Theatre-4200 Campbell Avenue, in Arlington VA. For tickets, purchase them online.

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