Capital Fringe 2014 Preview: ‘Tomorrow’s Dawn’ by Jeff Gallon

Tom is in love with Alice, who loves him too. But nothing is easy: they are young; they have parents and teachers. They are teenagers, obviously full of questions and pains. Fortunately, they are not alone: they have friends, brothers and sisters – thousands emotions and feelings at the same time. And they have the certainty in their hearts that a better day is for tomorrow.

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Will they find themselves? Will they push all together the door of this new dawn?

Lively, sparkling, moving, delirious, this original musical focuses on the central themes of love, friendship and hope. It reflects the concerns of today’s young people, while exploring intergenerational relationships in all their complexities, in a funny, poignant but resolutely optimistic portrayal of future hopes and dreams.

It responds to the shared desire to create a work of quality, which remains, at the same time, accessible to a large majority of people, especially the youth but not only: it’s a work with several levels of reading, focusing on the rhythmic variations of the play.

For example, we can see teenagers comically trying to write a poem, or a delirious parody of soap, as well as scenes of misunderstanding with parents, until the learning of mourning. Not to mention the character of Teachera -the teacher!- who questions the audience about his place in today’s society, while gradually releasing his frustrations.

An original musical in which the characters are put in a positive trend, toward a metaphorical light as well hoped as difficult to reach. And finally found, together.

The story of this French company “La Petite Famille” is rare and very beautiful: it began in a Middle-school 7 years ago. And it continued, with the same people, on its own way. Despite their young age (16/25), they had the opportunity to perform numerous times (more than 100), both in France and abroad (10 different countries) and in 2 languages (French & English).

From diverse cultural backgrounds, they are always delighted to share their plays, as well as their story, their identity, with new audiences, and new other artists. An artistic adventure as a human one.

Come to discover them and their show (performed in English) at Capital Fringe 2014!

Tomorrow's Dawn 1
Mountain – at Mount Vernon United Methodist Church
900 Massachusetts Ave NW Washington, 20001

We have air conditioning!

Thursday, July 10th at 6.15 PM

Saturday, July 12th at 8.00 pm

Sunday, July 13th at 2.15 pm

Tuesday, July 15th at 8.30 pm

Wednesday, July 16th at 6.30 pm

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