Top Scene Stealers of the Week-Week Ending 7/5/14

Here are our Top Scene Stealers for the week ending July 5, 2014. Congrats to all our honorees! 


(1) Mary Ellen Cameron Singing “I Dreamed a Dream’ at Les Misérables at Way Off Broadway Dinner Theatre

Mary Ellen Cameron Singing
Mary Ellen Cameron Singing “I Dreamed a Dream’ at ‘Les Misérables.’ Photo courtesy of Way Off Broadway Dinner Theatre.

“Dear Fantine (Mary Ellen Cameron) finds herself down on her luck early on. Though Cameron’s role is short-lived, she makes every moment upon the stage count. Her rendition of “I Dreamed a Dream” is delivered with vocal clarity and pure expressions of a plethora of emotions. Experiencing this song as Cameron delivers it is like attending an emotional potluck as surprise after surprise of unexpected emotions well up throughout the song in the most unexpected and yet poignant of places.” Amanda Gunther


(2) Ty Hallmark as ‘Wife; reacting to her sister-in-law telling her everything will be alright in The Yellow Wallpaper at Pallas Theatre Collective

Ty Hallmark. Photo by Teresa Castracane 2014.
Ty Hallmark. Photo by Teresa Castracane 2014.

“Ty Hallmark gives a committed performance that demonstrates the frustration of physical and psychological confinement. It is painful to watch as her chirpy sister-in-law, played by Caroline Brent, assures her that all is well. ” Michael Poandl


 Joshua Pigatt.
Joshua Pigatt.

(3) Joshua Pigatt as Lester Cole Making a Grand Exit in Verdict at Thunderous Productions 

“Joshua Pigatt deserves a nod for his dual roles in the production, first as the seemingly out of place stoner child of the 60’s and later as the brusque and hard-as-nails detective. Pigatt’s roles may be minor but he makes every attempt to live them fully. As the stoner Lester Cole he has a noteworthy moment late in the second act when he does a ‘double-take’ style exit, rushing back to grab the tray of sandwiches, alluding to the fact that he has the perpetual munchies.”Amanda Gunther


(4) John Sygar as Peter singing “Pink Blues” at Pinkalicious at Adventure Theatre MTC.

Carolyn Agan (Pinkalicious) and John Sygar (Peter). Photo by Mike Horan.
Carolyn Agan (Pinkalicious) and John Sygar (Peter). Photo by Mike Horan.

“My favorite aspect of this production is the character of Pinkalicious’ brother, Peter (John Sygar). Peter is consistently ignored and unnoticed throughout the show, while his dramatic sister gets all the attention. Peter is also himself a fan of the color pink, but is discouraged from his father, who insists that “pink is for girls.” Peter sings about the unfair gender bias in the song “Pink Blues.” This character arc provides some insight and depth into an otherwise simple plot, and Sygar delivers the performance with great comedic timing and a hint of complexity.” Julia L. Exline


(5) Ginny White as Gwendolyn Holmes in Shout! The Musical at Annapolis Summer Garden Theatre

Ginny White.
Ginny White.

“Creating a quirky cameo role, Ginny White takes on the aloof columnist Gwendolyn Holmes. With a properly prim and polished British accent, White brings her voice up into an airy octave, like Glinda coming home to England with dotty advice on fashion and popular trends. While she only appears briefly throughout the show her little bubbles of advice to the girls are ridiculously funny, as is the fluffy manner in which she presents them. Her chimerical charm and saccharine disposition is cloyingly sweet and adds a frosted flavoring of ineptitude to the show in a comic light.” Amanda Gunther

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