Capital Fringe 2014 Review: ‘Love Song To Miss Kitty’

With their tight jeans, high heeled boots, and well endowed means of transport, cowboys have always been pretty gay. But the homo western vibe is taken to new and outrageous heights in LaGoDi’s hilarious Love Song To Miss Kitty.


Set in a lesbian owned, Gunsmoke inspired saloon that features both country and techno music, Love Song (written by Patrick DiBattista and Anne Laffoon, directed by Michael Brassfield) is an epic battle between bar owners Tina (Rae Ryan) and Elaine (Bettina Stap) and their gay wicked nephew, the un subtly named Big (David Carter). As Big and his kindhearted bottom boy Dana (Don Michael Mendoza) saunter into town to wrestle the bar from the lezzie aunties, they are met with sassy opposition by fabulously country fried barflies Robert (Darius McCall) Toby (Dwayne Allen), and Samuel (Howard Lester). Shots, slaps, and a lot of line dancing follow.

Although the show would benefit from a quicker pace and speedier scene changes, Love Song To Miss Kitty ultimately delivers with humor that is by turns raunchy and razor sharp. There is also a sentimental core to the show, as the patrons learn lessons about sex, family, and what makes a home.

Whether you’re there for the dancing, the country music, or the, ahem, extra large performances, you’ll be happy you went to see LaGoDi’s Love Song To Miss Kitty.

Love Song To Miss Kitty plays through Sunday, July 27, at Atlas Performing Arts Center – Lab II -1333 H Street, NE, in Washington, DC. For more information and to purchase tickets go to their Capital Fringe show page


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