Meet the Cast of Wolf Pack Theatre Company’s ‘Masquerade’ Part 3: Lauren Giglio (Janet)

In Part Three of a series of interviews with the cast of Wolf Pack Theatre Company’s production of Masquerademeet Lauren Giglio (Janet).

 Lauren Giglio (Janet).

Lauren Giglio (Janet).

Joel: Where have theatregoers seen you perform on the stage?

Lauren: Wolf Pack Theatre Company, Kensington Arts Theatre, NASA’s Madd group, Greenbelt Arts Center, Bowie Community Theatre, and Bowie High School.

Why did you want to become involved in Masquerade?

It is a role that challenges me as a performer since there is no singing which I am used to, and the script is so powerful and moving so it was hard to say, “No.”

What personal experiences do you bring with you that have helped shape your performance?

I have experienced losing friends to suicide and seen what addiction and abuse has done to those families and friends of victims

What have you learned about suicide and how it affects families since you started working on Masquerade?

Introduce us to your character. 

I play Janet. Janet oh Janet-where do we begin? She is the mother of this family but not quite all there. She has a problem with medication and always needs her wine. She just wants to be loved and in her own mind she can find it

What was the best advice your director gave you on how to play your character? 

Step out of my comfort zone and be prepared for anything !! Janet can turn on you at any time!!

The cast of ‘Masquerade.’ L to R: Sarah Scott-Kelli, Tim Jansen-Steven, Carol V. Calhoun (Center)-Emma, Lauren Giglio-Janet, Alie Kamara-Kyle, and Kelly Richards. Photo courtesy of Wolf Pack Theatre Company.

The cast of ‘Masquerade.’ L to R: Sarah Scott (Kelli), Tim Jansen (Steven), Carol V. Calhoun (Center) (Emma), Lauren Giglio (Janet), Alie Kamara (Kyle), and Kelly Richards (Pastor Diana). Photo courtesy of Wolf Pack Theatre Company.

What is the hardest scene for you to perform?

The hardest scene for me is when Janet snaps and has all the voices in her head telling her things. It’s a part of this play that is extremely powerful and incredible all in one.

What do you want audiences to take with them after seeing Masquerade

Suicide is something that many have come in contact with. People blame the elves all the time but in the end it is a disease in one’s mind that affects the outcome.


Masquerade will be performed on September 19, 20, 21, 25, 26, and 27, 2014 at 8 PM at Wolf Pack Theatre Company performing at Charis Center for the Arts – 13010 8th Street, in Bowie MD. For tickets reservations call (240) 271-5471, or email

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