‘Game Show’ at Spotlighters Theatre


The hilarious and thrilling Game Show at Spotlighters Theatre (The Comedy YOU Play), by Jeffrey Finn and Bob Walton,- offers an intimate look and feel of an ever-popular television trivia game show. If your family is ready for hearty laughs, anticipation, and surprises, this is a must see! Not only do the actors give you a peek behind the curtain of the game show world, but they enthusiastically offer theatre goers the rare chance to share the stage as well. What a thrill to become an immediate star by being called to the stage to become a contestant. The excitement and desire to be selected puts you in the mind frame of CBS’ The Price is Right. Spotlighters has found a way to marry theatre and interaction, which delivers a memorable evening.

Artwork by Spotlighters Theatre/Chris Aldridge, CMAldridgePhotography .

Artwork by Spotlighters Theatre/Chris Aldridge, CMAldridgePhotography .

You know you’re in for a unique evening as soon as your eyes hit the set. Set Designer and Scenic Artist Alan Zemla, creatively created a set that exudes the feel of TV studio excitement. The show’s logo blatantly displayed on every available wall, electronic APPLAUSE sign, shimmering entrance curtains, tv cameras and jumbo show screen gave the feel of glittery Hollywood.

Zach Miller, who plays Game Show Announcer, Steve Fox,  heightens the energy when welcoming the”game show audience” to the show.

Jeff Burch (Troy Richards) grabs hold of a game show host with the best of them. There are mentions of popular hosts Sajak, Barker, and Trevek, and Burch is believable as one of their peers.

Elisa Dugan, the Game Show Producer Ellen Ryan, is delightful and strong, and takes you through several emotions as you follow her character’s interaction with both her subordinates and powers to be.

Yes, Director Kristen Cooley nailed this one, with perfect casting, from the Game Show’s stagehands to studio execs. Her directing, including the ability to incorporate audience members was smooth and easy to follow. Lighting Designer Fuzz Roark kept the show exciting and moving with his colorful work.

My mom served as my date for this show and strongly stated what a fun-filled evening for a couple or family! We both woke the next morning reminiscing about our evening and the show’s highlights! And isn’t that what live entertainment is all about? We say, “YES!”and Spotlighters served us exactly that! It was double the pleasure, as we enjoyed an actual game show with winners and prizes, as well as a comedic storyline with believable characters and twists.

Take your family. You’ll have a blast!


Game Show plays through October 5, 2014 at The Audrey Herman Spotlighters Theatre— 817 North Saint Paul Street, in Baltimore, MD. For tickets call the box office at (410) 752-1225, or purchase them online.

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