Talkback Today Following 3 PM Matinee of ‘The Letters’ with Playwright John W. Lowell at MetroStage by Carolyn Griffin


We had a great, informative, engaging talk back with playwright John W. Lowell after the matinee performance of The Letters yesterday and will have another talkback with John today Sunday May 17 following the 3 pm show.

Playwright John W. Lowell.
Playwright John W. Lowell.

It is a great opportunity to hear thoughts from this engaging playwright about this intriguing play. So if you can drop everything and come this afternoon, you will experience something very special. A play featuring our beloved Susan Lynskey and Michael Russotto and a talk back hearing the thoughts of the playwright himself.

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The Letters by John W. Lowell, and directed by John Vreeke, takes place in an office in 1930’s Soviet Union. The Director calls Anna, a bureaucratic functionary, into his office, and a tense verbal and psychological cat and mouse game ensues. It represents a vivid slice of paranoid life under Stalin and the effort to edit/suppress/censor the writings of prominent artists. Based on the real life Soviet efforts to edit the sexually frank letters of Tchaikovsky. An intense psychological drama: still timely, still universal, perfect for our intimate theatre setting. Featuring two of MetroStage’s favorite actors: Susan Lynskey seen at MetroStage inThe Girl in the Goldfish Bowl and Ghost-Writer (Helen Hayes nomination), and Michael Russotto seen here in Rough Crossing and Lonely Planet.

Director John Vreeke has directed many of the plays seen at MetroStage, including the award-winning Heroes (Outstanding Ensemble Award), Ghost-Writer, One Good Marriage, For the Pleasure of Seeing Her Again, The Real Inspector Hound and Lonely Planet.

MetroStage is located at 1201 North Royal Street, in Alexandria, VA. The box office number is (703) 548-9044.

“a riveting, airtight two person drama…a smart and sexy thriller …the play’s political message resonates as timeless…” Chicago reviews



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