A Chat with Mark Nadler on his Show ‘Runnin’ Wild: Songs and Scandals of the Roaring ’20s’ This Friday, May 29th at 8 PM at Strathmore’s New AMP

Mark Nadler will be performing Runnin’ Wild at Strathmore’s new AMP this Friday, May 29th at 8 PM. I asked Mark to fill us in on what we will hear and see.


For those DC area theater and music lovers who may not know about you and your amazing career-introduce yourself to them and tell them why they should come this Friday to see you perform Runnin’ Wild.

People say that I’m a cross between Peter Allen, Bette Midler, and all the Marx Brothers rolled into one. Aside from being extremely athletic and  high energy — both as a pianist and as a singer — I do meticulous research and people always go away from my shows having learned some tasty tidbits. Stephen Holden of The New York Times recently said: “This fire-breathing entertainer wants nothing less than to knock your socks off and break your heart at the same time.” I think that sort of covers it!

What will audiences hear and see when you bring your show to AMP?

This is a celebration of the underbelly of the Jazz Age. Every song in this show was written during prohibition (1920-1933) and each song is about either sex, drugs or booze. I also tell lots of stories about the great scandals of the Roaring Twenties, as well as stories about the scandalous people who sand the songs. And, the big bonus: the audience will leave this show having learned how to make a perfect gin martini!

Take us on your journey of getting the idea for this new CD, gathering the songs, recording it, and what other places you have premiered the cd and the songs. What do these songs mean to you?

This CD is sort of a “Original Cast Album” of the show I’ll be doing: Runnin’ Wild. The songs on it are the songs from the show. The CD hasn’t “premiered” anywhere — I’m truly launching it at The Strathmore’s AMP — but I’ve done the show to great acclaim in New York, London, and Adelaide, Australia.

As to what it means to me — I have to say that this is truly the funnest show that I do. I have a BLAST doing it and I feel that’s reflected in the CD.

What have you heard about the new AMP, and have you performed before in the DC Metro area?

The only time I have performed in the DC area was as a soloist with the Baltimore Symphony. To be honest, I haven’t heard anything about the new AMP. Can’t wait to discover it!

Where does this show go next?

I’ll be doing it in two cities in California and one in Arizona next.

What do you want the audience to take with them after they see you perform this Friday at AMP (besides taking home your new CD!).

Mainly, I want the audience to have had the time of their lives. If they’re going to “take away” anything, I guess it would be the knowledge that if you think you’ve lived in a wild time of sexual abandon and dangerous living, you got NOTHING on Granny!


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