‘One Man Star Wars Trilogy’ at Baltimore Soundstage

“Artoo, What are we doing here…in Baltimore?”

It’s not uncommon for a show to open with a musical number. It’s also not uncommon for the opening number to be sung by a single performer. It is unusual to hear someone sing the 21st Century Fox theme, by themselves and then follow it up with the familiar Star Wars theme. Except it’s not the traditional Star Wars theme, this version has lyrics.

Charles Ross.
Charles Ross.

These are just the first few, hilarious moments of Charles Ross’s One Man Star Wars Trilogy. As the title indicates, all of the characters of the original Star Wars trilogy are played by Charles Ross. He also portrays Star Destroyers and X-wing Fighters, numerous monsters and other aliens, as well as providing all the sound effects himself. To portray the numerous aliens of the Star Wars trilogy, Mr. Ross contorts his face, pulls at his cheeks and uses his hands to represent enlarged ears or protuberant eyes.

The show has no sets and there are no props. Charles Ross leaps and bounds and rolls around the stage alone in a versatile black jumpsuit. It’s hard to tell if the jumpsuit is homage to the ever present jumpsuits in Star Wars or simply a practicality. Charles Ross manages to fill the stage with his presence, whether he’s fighting himself, arguing with himself or kissing himself. His presence keeps the audience enthralled.

In addition to Charles Ross’s acrobatics, the one of the highlights of the show is the stage lighting. While there are no sets, the lighting helps set the mood. The lights are bright yellow for the sands of Tatooine and red for the ominous evil of the Emperor and Darth Vader. The lighting changes are lightning-quick to keep up with the rapid-fire scene changes of the show.

Much of the action and dialogue is dependent on at least a casual knowledge of Star Wars. The show is a constant stream of one-liners, non-sequiturs, sound effects and one man mouth-music. It’s hilarious.

The show closes with a musical number as Charles Ross sings his version of the song “Ewok Celebration,” more known as “Yub Nub,” from Return of the Jedi. The hardcore Star Wars were elated. For those non-hard-core fans, the song was removed in the Special Edition releases.

Approximately 70 minutes, with no intermission.


Charles Ross performed One Man Star Wars Trilogy at Baltimore Soundstage on Friday, June 19, 2015 at 8:00 PM. For future performances of One Man Star Wars Trilogy and other shows please see Charles Ross’ websiteFor upcoming events at the Baltimore Soundstage please visit their calendar.


Save the Day and Get a Medal: An Interview with Charles Ross, Star of ‘One Man Star Wars Trilogy’ Coming to Baltimore Soundstage This Friday by Winters Geimer.

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