2015 Capital Fringe Preview #42: ‘After Eleven’ by Amy Harbison

“I loved my son, but he terrified me,” admits Jude Temper, a 9-11 widow and mother. After Eleven bears witness to Jude’s struggle to love and protect her son Matty, who suffers from mental illness and life at the edge of uncontrollable violence. An intimate, one-woman play performed by Rebecca Roy, After Eleven investigates how systemic failures in our social, educational, health and judicial systems overburden parents and fail to prevent tragedies like Sandy Hook and Columbine from happening.

Rebecca Roy.
Rebecca Roy as Jude.

The play, by local new playwright Graziella Jackson, is directed by area actor/director Kate Debelack and features actress Rebecca Roy as Jude. Jackson was prompted to write this play in response to her sister’s loss of a friend at the Virginia Tech shooting eight years ago and an interview she heard on the radio with author and activist Liza Long, who wrote a post called “I am Adam Lanza’s mother” and the book “The Price of Silence” about the young man who went on a shooting rampage at Sandy Hook Elementary in 2012. Join us for  bold, unabashed exploration of an all too frequent American phenomenon.



Hyman M. Perlo Studio at Dance Place – 3225 8th Street NE, in Washington, DC 20017

Friday 7/10 at 8:30 PM
Saturday 7/11 at 9:15 PM
Tuesday 7/14 at 8:45 PM
Friday 7/17 at 10:15 PM
Tuesday 7/21 at 6:30 PM
Saturday 7/25 at 7:00 PM