2015 Capital Fringe Preview #51: ‘Interviews with…’ by Emily Cohen

Siblings of dictators, little white liars, people who Instagram food — these are just a few of the topics explored in the whimsical cabaret, Interviews with… Making its world premiere at Capital Fringe 2015, this show features a milieu of over 60 characters, played by actors Emily Cohen, Rajan Kapoor, Beth Krause, and Patrick Slevin.

Written by Emily Cohen, with contributions by Daniel Gutstein, this escapade of word play explores the unexpected, silly, and mildly scandalous. Everything is fair game for a poke. With a lighthearted, improvised feel, the actors find the humorous absurdity in both the darkest and most mundane of topics – like tollbooth operators.

The Rogue Collective, a DC-based string quartet provides delightful accompaniment, with original compositions and improvised riffs. This is not your grandma’s sonata. Catch ‘em while they’re on the up. So you can say you saw them when. Seriously folks.


If you could interview anyone, who would you pick? Cherry pick? Cherry pickers? Nose pickers? Picketers? Fear not. There will be no picking or picketing in this show.

Written and created by: Emily Cohen (with contributions by Daniel Gutstein)
Director: Brett Abelman
Assistant Director: Emily Cohen
Stage Manager: Stephanie Kara Jordan
Lighting Director: Ben Fisler
Marketing Director: Lucie Camp

Music by the Rogue Collective: Alexa Cantalupo, Kaitlin Moreno, Troy Pyror, and Erin Snedecor

Featuring: Emily Cohen, Rajan Kapoor, Beth Krause, and Patrick Slevin

Run time: 45 minutes

No late seating


W.S. Jenks & Son
910 Bladensburg Road NE, in Washington, DC 20002

Friday 7/16 at 6:30 PM
Saturday 7/18 at 3:45 PM
Sunday 7/19 at 9:00 PM
Friday 7/24 at 7:45 PM
Sunday 7/26 at 3:30 PM 


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