2015 Capital Fringe Review: ‘Dance of the Cranes’

Once in a while you have to raise a little crane!

When I walked to 6th and Massachusetts Avenue from the Gallery Place Metro I saw a packed little park – Milian Park – filled with excited people who were watching two cranes (one larger than the other) – slowly and carefully gliding to the beat of some electronic music while the enthusiastic crowd applauded and ‘oohd’ and ‘ahd.’

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And people were watching closely as both cranes got closer to each other  – like a ‘crane hug’ – and it was cool how they just maneuvered the small space that they had between them without smacking in to each other, all thanks to Choreographer/Artistic Director Brandon Vickerd and the talented and extra-careful crane operators.

For me, after 10 minutes, the cranes were nice to look at – but watching people of all ages getting introduced to The Capital Fringe, being given a program with all of this year’s offerings, and a friendly hello by several very personable Fringe staff – well that was the real show happening there for me – and I loved that.

And when it got really dark those twinkling blue lights on those cranes looked really cool. And I love blue.

So congrats on a really smart and well-executed ‘event.’ I hope you do more of these events to stir up more excitement about The Capital Fringe.

For your next ‘public’ event – I suggest that you welcome the crowd before the event happens as well as thanking them and inviting them to come to the Capital Fringe right as the event is over (which Julianne Brienza did tonight).

Who knew that raising crane could be so much fun? It was pretty uplifting.

Dance of the Cranes played for one performance only – on July 15, 2015 – overlooking Milian Park – 499 Massachusetts Avenue, NW, in Washington, DC.

RATING: Five stars for creating excitement and enthusiasm for the Capital Fringe Festival! FIVE-STARS-82x1552.gif

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